2014 Best Photo Organizing Software: Which Tool Is Worth Your Bucks?

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A system filled with thousands of cluttered images is annoying, unless you use photo organizing software to automatically put everything in place.

The program allows you to designate keywords to categorize all images properly. You can even synchronize your collection of images with your social networking account, making it easier for you to publish pictures online.

Here are 10 applications that will surely make your money’s worth.



10. PixFiler


PixFiler only needs to know where your photos are and it will work on its own. Adding data such as locations, dates, and categories is easy to do. Basic photo library functions are accessible via toolbars, menu buttons, and keyboard hotkeys. The software is available for $39 but you can try it for free.



9. Corel Paintshop Photo Express

Corel Paintshop Photo Express

The Paintshop Photo Express is perfect for postcard creation, photo collage, photo editing, and calendar designing. It allows you to organize photos and other media files while creating data backup to CD. It comes with templates that you can use even without advanced technical expertise. It costs $29.99 and you can order it online.



8. Systweak Photo Album

Systweak Photo Album

The application automatically creates albums for all your images where you can easily drag and drop all your photos for classification. It also comes with several tools for photo editing and enhancements. You can also use the program to create slideshows of your images for better presentations. It’s available online for $19.95.



7. Smart Pix Manager

Smart Pix Manager

Aside from viewing images, Smart Pix Manager can also access documents, videos, and music files while categorizing your photos with use of meta data. It automatically process multiple files for batch conversion, renaming, and editing. It’s also designed to convert and resize images when attaching photos to emails. You can buy the software for $39.50 or download its free trial version.



6. PicaJet FX

 PicaJet FX

PicaJet is an image database software with network support and multiple user access. It allows you to nest categories to create a complex, but most efficient, image database possible. It uses an OpenGL graphics accelerator and an optimized image processing algorithms to easily index all your images. It’s is $59.95 but you can try it free for 15 days.



5. ThumbsPlus


The newest version of ThumbsPlus has improved toolbars and menu buttons for easier navigation. This photo organizing software includes image editing tools, allowing you to enhance 16-bit and 48-bit photos. It has now a wide array of compatible file formats including PSD, TIFF, RAW, DCS and TWAIN. You can order it online for only $49.95 or download its evaluation copy for free trial.



4. iMatch


iMatch features several wizards to help you set up your personal image database. The toolbar features useful functions such as script management, HTML publication, and editing tools. Its interface is not that clean but novice users can easily adapt with all its features. The software is available for $64.95.



3. ACDSee Photo Manager

ACDSee Photo Manager

ACDSee uses an optimized index processing technique which allows you to scan and organize your images through sorting. With use of fast scanning, ACDSee helps you find specific images by entering keywords and other specific data such as date and time taken. You can also enhance your image’s lighting, color, and contrast with the use of its LCE (Light and Contrast Enhancer). The regular price is $79.99 with seasonal discounts but a 15-day trial is always available for download.



2. Corel Paintshop Pro X6 Ultimate

Corel Paintshop Pro X6 Ultimate

Paintshop Pro has FaceFilter3 which is perfect for creating portraits due to its automated photo correction. It has built-in tools like brushes, layers, textures, and vectors for image editing. Its advanced features are designed for all levels of photography. You can download its 30-day trial for free or purchase the full license for $79.99.


1. Cyberlink PhotoDirector 5 Ultra

Cyberlink PhotoDirector 5 Ultra

The newest feature of PhotoDirector is its Lens Correction which you can use to fix lens distortions of raw images. Noise artifacts from low-lighting images are easy to manage if you use the program’s noise reducer. Its RGB curve tool will allow you to accurately adjust colors and contrast. The actual cost is $99.99 but look out for seasonal deals too.


What do you think about our list of photo management tools? Tell us what you think and don’t forget to share with us your favorite photo organizing software.


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