Top 10 Best Guitar Learning Software For Mac

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Learning to play a musical instrument such as the guitar can be quite expensive. However, it should not always be, especially with your Mac.

By using the best guitar learning software, even beginners can learn how to be a lean, mean, guitar-playing machine in no time.

To make things even easier for you, here is a list of the best guitar learning software for Mac users out there!


10. TasCam’s PCMRecorder

TasCam’s PCMRecorder

Any budding guitarist always wants a feedback for his or her tunes, even if it does sound awful. However, not everyone is willing to listen.

Therefore, TasCam’s PCMRecorder is a good choice for those who want to record themselves while playing and want to listen to it later to see if it is right or wrong.

With its ease-of-use, seamless integration to SoundCloud, and the fact that it is free make this one of the best guitar learning software available.


9. Guitar Jam Tracks

Guitar Jam Tracks

The scales are one of the hardest things to learn for guitarists, both beginners and even professionals.

Guitar Jam Tracks makes this process a whole lot easier by providing you with detailed scale charts for each key. This, along with tracks to help you practice what you are learning or have learned, makes this a must buy at only $3.99.


8. Finger Works

Finger Works

If you are looking for an app to help you remember each note in the fretboard without any cost, then Finger Works is the best guitar learning software for you.

The app works by giving you a starting note, then asking you to locate other notes until the timer runs out. As you progress and adjust the timer, you get to know more about the notes found in your guitar’s fretboard, helping you learn more about the basics.


7. Ultimate Guitar Tabs HD

 Ultimate Guitar Tabs HD

Once you have gotten the hang of the riffs, notes, scales and chords, Ultimate Guitar Tabs HD can help you learn cover songs so you can apply what you have learned.

With a search-friendly archive of tunes from all eras, genres, and artists, this app should help you learn the proper application of theories when it comes to learning a new song.


6. Guitarism


At a very affordable price of $1.99, this app offers a slightly realistic guitar simulation program, allowing you to program chords into pre-set grids for you to strum away anytime you want or feel like playing. With all its user-friendly features, this is one of the best guitar learning software available for beginners out there.


5. Guitar Note Trainer

Guitar Note Trainer

Think of Finger Works, but only a bit more difficult.

At $1.99, Guitar Note Trainer offers beginners a chance to apply what they have learned into a fun series of memory games, making it easier to learn and memorize much of the different notes up and down the fretboard.


4. Capo


Capo offers a wide range of features, like a spectrogram, a smart tablature editor and pitch control. The app also allows you to slow down and loop any part of the song you are trying to learn.

As you loop and slow down the song, Capo can also tell you what Chord is playing at any given part.

At $49.99, this app is a perfect learning investment for beginners.


3. Steady Tune

Steady Tune

Steady Tune boasts a wide variety of tunings for you to choose from apart from the standard one. At $4.99, this is one of the best guitar learning software for both amateurs and professionals alike.


2. AmpKit


While its price ($49.99) may be a bit too much for a beginner, this software is ideal for those who want a taste of professional equipment at just a fraction of the cost.

AmpKit comes with a wide variety of guitar apps and stomp boxes, and is a more professional and feature-rich version of Garage Band that came with your Mac unit.


1. ChordMate


At $49.99, ChordMate may not be much of a steal for anyone learning how to play a guitar. However, its features more than make up for its cost, and is rated as one of the best guitar learning software in the market.

This app alone has one of the widest library of chords available to any Mac user, and has enough features to help you find the best chord voicing that goes well with your songs.


Whether you want to learn, practice, or to have fun, any one of these best guitar learning software should do you well.

If you find additional app worth including in this list, or simply just have something to say, make sure to leave a comment below!


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