Top 10 Android Diary Software to Record Your Life Moments

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Recording your life’s important moments in a diary is always fascinating. Imagine reading your diary entries years before; everything must have been nostalgic.

If you are not fond of making diary entries in the conventional way with pen and notebook, you can start using diary software instead. There are lots of diary applications available around and here are the best programs that you may want to try:


10.  Saga


Unlike other diary software, Saga is a very unique diary application. The application works visually; you can check into a place and a photo will be added to the entry. The whole process is automatic.

When viewing the entries that you have made before, you will see a stream of photos. Through the stream, you can track your own behavior like how much time you spend at a certain place every day.

Pros: Free to download, connects with other apps like Foursquare and Withings.

Cons: Unreliable tracking. It doesn’t work until you reopen the app.


9. Private Diary

Private Diary

Private Diary is a personal diary application designed for Android. The app has a fully customizable interface and costs $1.99 to download. Diary entries can be arranged either by date or categories so you can easily review your entries before. The app is also protected with a password.

Pros: No ads, with auto backup feature, able to send entries by email.

Cons: Few icons and color selections.


8. MicroJournal


Microjournal is perfect for minimalists. The app has a sleek black and gray interface where multiple micro entries can be made. Each entry is limited to 100 characters only and this is just right for those who do not have the time or the patience to write long diary entries.

Pros: Backup support, shareable content, neat interface.

Cons: Changes in character limit available for Pro version,


7. Moment Diary

Moment Diary

Moment Diary has been popular because of timestamps. It basically generates notes through timestamps so the entries are organized in a timeline-like arrangement. The app can also be used as a notepad, food log and journal.

Pros: Free to download, clean interface.

Cons: The entries can only be viewed in timeline mode only.


6. Journal Orange Diary

Journal Orange Diary

Journal Orange Diary is a comprehensive diary application. It can manage diary entries through icons, Calendar UI, attachments, tags, templates, reminders and trash bins. The whole interface is also customizable in terms of font, text color, text size, background color and date format. The entries can also be transported to email, Google Drive, SD card and Google calendar.

Pros: Passcode lock, scheduled backup support, data transfer.

Cons: Costs $1.49, prone to crashes.


5. This Journal

This Journal

This Journal works like a diary application but the whole interface looks like a journal. You can add photos, audios and videos to each entry. You can also schedule tasks with it.  The app also features simplified search function wherein labeling of journals or tasks is possible.

Pros:  Backup support through a memory card, password protection.

Cons: Costs $1.49 to download, glitches in task notifications.


4. Dream Journal

Dream Journal

Have you ever had a vivid dream that is so memorable you want to take a quick note about it? Dream diaries have been famous for this purpose but with the emergence of smart phones and tablets nowadays, it is quite hard to find a dream diary app.

Fortunately, the Dream Journal was released to serve as a handy and easy to access dream journal for everyone. It costs $1.99 but you can just opt to have a free trial version.

Pros: Equipped with speech-to-text function, night mode, backup support, and custom search function.

Cons: Next button crashes while the search function doesn’t work for the free version.


3. Diaro


This is a code-protected diary software that can also serve as a journal or a note writing app.  The app is easy to navigate since it is optimized for phones and tablets. You can record your activities, experiences and thoughts everyday in a calendar-like layout. If you want a throwback with your past entries, using the List or Calendar view will make tracking entries organized and simple to view.

The app is available in more than thirty languages and free to download in Google Play Store.

Pros: Customizable security code, attach or capture unlimited photos to diary entries, import and export entries.

Cons: Multi-image selection not supported, no auto backup support, runs on ads.


2. Chronos


Chronos is a passive diary application. It runs in the background and captures your moment to record it in your personal journal. It can trace your whereabouts and every little details of your transit. At the end of the day, the app can provide insights on how you have spent your time during that day.

Pros: Free to download, can capture photos and videos automatically, syncs with Foursquare and Facebook.

Cons: Privacy-intruding for some, drains battery fast.


1. Memoires: The Diary

Memoires - The Diary

Memoires:  The Diary is a free diary application available in Google Play Store. Its note-like interface is plain and simple to use. When making a new entry, the app can automatically detect your location, address, weather and moon phases during the moment the entry was made. For added protection, the app is also equipped with password and strong encryption.

Pros: Password protection, secured encryption, shareable content for social media accounts, backup support, free to download.

Cons: Runs ads, updating without backup may cause data wipeout.


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