Top 10 Free iPhone Spy Software That Give Parents Peace of Mind


Does your child own an iPhone which he or she constantly uses to access the Internet? Your child might be in danger of falling into the hands of cyber predators.

Fortunately, you can now protect your child by monitoring and tracking his or her iPhone and Internet usage. And this is best done using free spy software for iPhone.

Here are ten of the best free applications that you can consider:


10. Bosspy


Bosspy is a free spy software designed for iPhone and Android.  It will let you track GPS location and log calls and SMS messages. It will also help you get an idea of your child’s Internet usage including the websites visited and messages on WhatsApp and iMessage.

Bosspy also has a keylogger tool that will inform you of anything typed on the keyboard. And you can do all these remotely and secretly using any computer.


 9. PhoneSheriff


With its 7-day free trial period, PhoneSheriff is another spy application for iPhone that is worth a try. It can do some basic spying functions such as location tracking and monitoring of incoming and outgoing calls and text messages.

One of its prominent features is its capability to block a certain number from calling or sending text messages. You can also make restrictions as to the apps and websites being accessed. This is an important feature to prevent children from visiting websites that are not appropriate for them.


8. Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy

To be completely on guard on who is texting or calling your child or where your child is during a particular time, you must have Mobile Spy. It can silently monitor GPS location, current surroundings and all incoming and outgoing calls and SMS details.

Apart from that, it can also monitor social media activities including chats and messages on Facebook and Twitter. It will also report the URLs and websites visited as well as photos and videos recorded or uploaded.


7. Flexispy


Flexispy is another great tool for monitoring your child’s iPhone and internet usage. Its important features include SMS tracking, call recording and interception, location tracking and room bugging.  You will also be able to access emails and chats on Facebook, WeChat, Viber, LINE, Skype, BBM, WhatsApp and iMessage.

Most importantly, you can browse your child’s address book, calendar, application activities and browser activities.


6. HelloSpy


If you like to keep an eye on the sites and URLs your child is visiting using the iPhone, HelloSpy is another powerful spying tool that you can use.

HelloSpy can also monitor and track all other activities in the target phone including calls, text messages, location, photos taken and stored, changes in contacts, and apps being used.


5. OwnSpy


Call interception and screenshots for apps monitoring are just two of the prominent features of OwnSpy. Aside from these useful features, this application will also let you know about the websites your child visits, his or her current surroundings during a particular time and the person he or she is calling or texting.

With this application, you can also spy on emails and WhatsApp secretly.


4. Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile is a software app that can help you remotely access and monitor most of the activities in a target iPhone. You can access emails, location, calls, text messages, phonebook, videos and other files.

Since most cybercrimes normally start in chat rooms, you can also use Highster Mobile to access chat messages and activities in Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram. You can also use it to browse websites previously accessed.


3. Spybubble


Listening to calls, reading text messages, and listening to the surroundings of a target phone are just some of the basic things that you can do using Spybubble.

Other than that, this software allows you to gain access to messages in instant messengers such as WhatsApp, BBM and iMessenger. You will also be able to know if your child is visiting restricted websites by checking browsing history.


2. StealthGenie


StealthGenie has one of the most comprehensive features for spying on chat messages in Facebook, Viber, Skype, iMessage, WhatsApp and BBM. It can also be used to check bookmarked websites and browser history. That is apart from its basic tracking functions that can monitor SMS, calls, videos watched and photos taken and saved.


1. Qustodio


Qustodio is also a great tool with a good set of features for spying children. Aside from basic call and message tracking features, it has the advantage of being able to block inappropriate or dangerous contents and websites.

It has a powerful Web content scanning tool which scrutinizes all browsers, sites and pages in real time. Also, you can use it to monitor social media activities of your child and it will notify you of any suspicious activities.


Your Turn

Most of software listed here are premium applications but you can try them for free for a couple of days. Get peace of mind by using any of the free spy software listed above. And when you do, please let us know how it works for you.


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