Game Design Software: 10 Intuitive Tools To Create Your Own iPhone Games

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With the help of reliable and easy-to-use game design software, you won’t find it hard to develop iPhone games under your name. The program helps you in realizing your blueprint for the game, allowing you to create the core mechanic you need.

To help you finish your game project, we’ve gathered the best tools that well-known cross-platform developers recommend.

Without further ado, here are 10 of the best game design applications you might want to try to create your own iPhone game:


10. Game Maker: Studio

Game Maker Studio

Game Maker: Studio features a built-in scripting language known as GML (Game Maker Language) which allows users to control every detail of the game project. It can harness the full potential of multiple platforms’ CPUs with use of its YYC (YoYo Compiler).

You can also use its cross-platform exporting feature to release your game in different marketplace such as Google Play, Apple App Store, and Amazon App Store.

Game Maker: Studio is completely free and perfect for 2D games development.



9. Clickteam Fusion 2.5

Clickteam Fusion 2.5

Clickteam Fusion features a physique engine called Box2d, allowing you to integrate movement attribute to numerous objects. Its main compiler is designed for Windows app development but you can also release your game to other platforms with additional purchases.

It has a wide library of premade graphics where you can also import your existing graphics in common file format.

Harness its full features by purchasing the professional version. It also has a free version which you can easily download.




8. Construct 2

Construct 2

Construct 2 gives you the chance to see the preview of your game through your mobile devices by connecting to a Wi-Fi network. It has complete sets of manual, allowing you to learn the ropes in a few hours. It has at least 70 visual effects that you can use to enhance your game’s graphics.

Try its free version first before going for the pro edition.



7. Flixel


FlxCamera is the latest feature of this open-sourced game designing program, allowing you to add effects like split screens, picture-in-picture scenarios, and mini-maps.

It has path finding feature as well which helps you automatically specify a waypoint for objects in the game. Its FlxSave gives you the ability to quickly record the gamer’s data, perfect for saving options and preferences in game.

The program is completely free and there are no subscriptions required either.



6. FlashPunk


FlashPunk is a free game design software that features sorting classes for texts, animations, backdrops, and title maps to help you decrease code messes.

It supports sound effects, allowing you to add cross fading effects, panning, and additional volume management. You can use it to debug and track game information to inspect in-game identities while playing the game.



5. Unity


Unity allows you to mix both 2D and 3D in a single sprite sheet with its additional dimension window. It now adopts the newest edition of MonoDevelop, featuring newer interface for better scripting.

In addition to that, Mecanim is now integrated with Unity’s animation tool, helping you create facial animation within the program.



4. Unreal Development Kit (UDK)

Unreal Development Kit (UDK)

UDK has AI features, allowing you to add non-playable characters to give life to your game world. You can also use its built-in Unreal Matinee to include film-style cut scenes. Its Scaleform user interface lets you create and organize menus and other elements in your window.

Non-commercial edition is free to download while commercial edition requires you to purchase a license.



3. XNA Game Studio

XNA Game Studio

XNA Game Studio features configurable effects where you can choose between basic, dual texture, alpha-test, skinned, and environment-map. It envoys a clean user interface which is efficiently helpful for non-experienced users.

XNA Game Studio uses a framework which is compatible with multiple platforms including Windows smart phones and Apple iPhones.



2. Blitz Max

Blitz Max

Blitz Max has an easy-to-use 2D module to help you use 2D commands easily. It supports different platforms, allowing you to compile games for Linux, Windows, and MacOS.

It has an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) to help you track down bugs quickly. The software costs $79 but the free demo version is also available in their website.



1. jMonkeyEngine


The program has a built-in terrain editor to help create the best environment for your game world. Its cinematic tools provide well-tuned waypoints without the need to create lots of key frames. You can even create a GUI within the game using Java or XML.

The program is completely free to download.


Your Turn

What is your favorite tool in creating iPhone games? Post your commonly used game design software below and tell us your insights.


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