Top 10 Awesome Music Production Software for Linux

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Music production programs are a big help for most artists.  With the help of these programs, more music effects can be generated in an almost automated way.

If you are using a Linux computer, music production can be easy with the help of applications especially designed for this system. Start your journey in creating your own line of music with the following music generating software for Linux computers:


1. Linux Multimedia Studio

Linux Multimedia Studio

The Linux Multimedia Studio is packed with rich features and is completely free to download. Creating beats and melodies, mixing sound effects, arranging notes and synthesizing sounds are just some of the things you can do with this software. A song editor is also available if you want to compose songs.

Using the software for the first time is tricky because of the numerous functions around the application. It is best if you start watching online demos and reading manuals in order to maximize all the features available.


2. Ardour


Recording, editing or mixing music in Linux is easy with Ardour. It features audio and MIDI multi-track music editing and recording functions so you can utilize several tracks and busses. Non-destructive and non-linear editing are other of the  strong features of this software. There is also a multi-format file support for different music files.

Unlike other music production software, Ardour is an open source program. Anyone can see the progress of software development online. Because of this, bugs and crashes can be immediately addressed as advised by the support community of the software.


3. Rosegarden


Rosegarden is similar to Linux Multimedia Studio except that this software is more geared for song compositions. Through this app, music is created by using a score which you can easily print or share with your friends.

Notable features of this software include multi-language mode, piano roll, MIDI sequencers, audio editor and built-in synthesizers. Its intuitive MIDI management is also a plus although some devices are still not supported by the software.


4. Hydrogen


Hydrogen is designed to edit drum sound effects. It’s basically a drum loop sequencer and it is free to download online. It has been popular because of its simple yet intuitive interface, but the lack of updates since 2009 has made it less popular nowadays. A beta version of the newly updated software was released in 2013 but plenty of unresolved bugs were reported by the online community.


5. Jokosher


If Hydrogen is made just for drums, there’s a counterpart application made just for guitars. Jokosher is an application made to record and edit music produced by guitarists. It has an easy to understand interface so guitarists can readily use it without the need to study how the program works. With few clicks, music can be easily recorded and edited.

The lack of support online and unreliable stability has made the application less popular than before. But because of the simplicity of the application’s interface, it is generally recommended for beginners.


6. Jack Audio Connection Kit (JACK)

Jack Audio Connection Kit (JACK)

JACK is actually not classified as a music production application; it works more like a transmitter between two programs. Through this software, you can send the audio output from one program to another. It can also transmit different programs to an audio device. It is best when you intend to create music through various applications and you need the music data to be transferred between different programs.

However, before planning to create music through different music production software, consider checking the application supported by JACK in their website as not all programs are recognized.


7. Sweep


Sweep is a simple audio editor that supports many codecs. It can also work as a live playback tool and many audio formats are supported. Multichannel editing is also supported along with utilization of LADSPA effects plug-in. It is free to download online under the GNU General Public License.

The software has not been updated since 2008, so a lot of bugs reported online have not been fixed yet. Nevertheless, it’s great to use if you want the easiest to use audio editor around.


8. Audacity


Audacity is best to use if you are looking for the simplest music production software. It can handle small tasks in editing and recording music scores. Because of its simple interface, the software generally lacks more specific music editing features commonly present in other premium and suite applications. It is free to download online.


9. Traverso DAW

Traverso DAW

A multi-track recording suite, Traverso DAW is able to perform cross-platform. This software is known for its unique interface which is quite hard to master. It covers plenty of tasks that you can also find in other premium music production software. From recording to mastering the music created, Traverso DAW is fully customizable.


10. MusE


Muse is another jam-packed music production application that can be downloaded online for free. It’s not just an audio and MIDI sequencer as you can also edit and record music through this application. It supports other music software like JACK, LASH, ALSA, VST and FLAM so integration and migration of the music created is easy and flexible.

Some inconsistencies have been reported with the software so a new version has been created and due to release anytime soon.


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