Top 10 Best Software For Creating Network Diagram


Do you need to design a diagram but don’t know what network diagram software to use?

There are tons of available applications online, designed to help you in creating diagrams. But some of them are quite pricey while some don’t have the tools you need. For this reason, we’ve listed down 10 of the best network diagram software that worth a try:


10. Network Notepad

Network Notepad

This software is best for designing interactive diagrams and features flow charts, basic drag-and-drop interface, network management, diagram linking, and printing options. Its latest updates include boost in performance. You can download it for free online.



9. MaSSHandra


You can easily design a 3-dimensional network diagram using this software. It features a wide list of preset symbols and customization of data. It allows you to include remote access in your design with the use of protocols or by using scripts as variables. Download it for free or buy its license for $20.



8. Microsoft Visio

Microsoft Visio

Microsoft Visio is a dominant platform for designing easy-to-understand diagrams. It features built-in stencils for all kinds of diagramming: business diagrams, brainstorming, marketing, auditing, organizational charts, and network diagrams. It allows you to include floor and map plans with use of basic shapes. The licensed version costs $300.



7. Edraw Max

Edraw Max

This diagramming software features vector-based graphics for faster creation of diagrams. It includes highly defined shapes, templates, and samples with unique fonts, colors, texts, symbols, and styles. It is also compatible with Microsoft Office, allowing you to integrate it with the application. It costs about $100 but you can try it for free.



6. EDGE Diagrammer

EDGE Diagrammer

The software features lots of predesigned arrowheads and shapes that you can easily drag and drop for quick diagram creation. It saves your personal styles in predesigned templates for easier access. It automatically connects one figure to another with use of lines while creating labels to each figure. The software is available online at no cost.



5. yEd Graph Editor

yEd Graph Editor

yEd Graph Editor uses tons of layout algorithms, allowing you to save time by automatically arranging your diagrams. This network diagram software uses Java programming which is in perfect compatibility with Linux and Windows (version for Mac OS is now available too). The user interface is great and it allows you to import data from Excel, XML, GraphML, GML, and GEDCOM. It’s free to download online.



4. Gliffy


You can create or edit your diagrams anywhere using Gliffy because it’s a web-based program which you can access online. It has drag-and-drop functions, helping you create designs quickly. It has a wide range of object libraries and is compatible with different platforms. You can use it for free (limited features) or go for Standard subscription ($3.99/month) and Pro subscription ($7.99/month).



3. Diagram Designer

Diagram Designer

This is an open-source program which appears to be outdated but still give utmost functionalities for diagram creation. It allows you to customize templates and it gives you the option to export your file to different data formats like PCX, GIF, ICO, MNG, PNG, JPEG, BMP, EMF, and WMF. It features file format compression to maximize your system storage and it includes an advanced built-in calculator for quick math solving.



2. Dia


Dia is an open-source GTK+ software with easy-to-understand interface, helping you learn basic diagramming quickly. It saves data in XML format with automatic compression to maximize system storage. The tool is available for different operating systems.





Known to serve as diagramming converter, CADE provides multiple functions that gained its popularity as lightweight Microstation or AutoCAD. It features a powerful graphic editor with viewer for data from Geo, Microstation, and AutoCAD. It exports files to JPG, XAML, EMF, and PDF. You can download its 30-day evaluation copy for free or buy it online for $387.


Your Turn

Try one of the diagramming tools we listed above and tell us what you think by posting on the comments section below. We will also appreciate if you share with us your favorite network diagram software and its features.


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