Protect Your Important Files with this Top 10 File Encryption Software

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Your carefully filed and hidden folder that contains all your important files such as income tax returns, résumés, company documents and other important files may be a lot convenient for you keeping them stored online than keeping paper works physically. However, it is also a gold mine for online thieves who steal and sell these kinds of precious information in the thriving online black market. Although encrypting important data undisputedly helps protect them from online crooks, a lot of computer users in the past never did so because they felt it wasn’t worth their time and trouble. However, times changed, in the latter part of the year 2007, where thefts of computer parts such as hard drives, laptops, flash drives accounted for about 57% of the loss of sensitive data of major companies according to a reliable research. Lucky enough, as data theft became more rampant, file encryption has gotten much easier to use. If you want to encrypt some of your closely guarded files and don’t know where to start, here is a list of top 10 File Encryption Software you can use.

10. Folder Lock

10.Folder Lock

Folder Lock is one of the best file encryption tools. It is fast and has the ability to password protect your folders, protect USB’s lock files and CD/DVD’s. This file encryption tools creates an encrypted storage that are called “lockers”. Folder lock allows you to keep as many important folders and files in your locker and password protects it with one click, and you can also secure, transfer and backup these lockers is you want. These lockers are portable, so you can bring them on your flash drives, transfer them via e-mails or do that old fashion of burning them on CD/DVD’s.

9. AutoKrypt9.AutoKrypt

This is an encryption software that is designed for automation. This file encryption tools automatically encrypts and decrypts your folders and files. The encryption methods included are secret key, password based, OpenPGP password, Private and public key and e-mail notifications of task statuses. This file encryption tools also includes OpenPGP key generator and a Key Storage to manage the keys. The common tasks you can do with this file encryption tools are encrypt, decrypt, zip, unzip, copy, file monitors and synchronize and includes a scheduler you can use or run tasks at specific times.

8. Kruptos 2 Professional8.Kruptos 2 Professional

This file encryption tool is a very powerful and equally easy to use software that has the ability to password protect your important documents, photos, music, movies or any other important files and folders using a proven unbroken 256-bit encryption system. Once the program is installed, all you need to do is to provide a good password and just do a few clicks and you are set to go. There are no more complex settings and options you have to go through. You can also provide a password hint in case you forget your password.

7. Universal Shield7.Universal Shield

This file encryptoion software quickly hides your important folders, files or your entire drive from gazing eyes. It allows you to password protect the files and folders and allows you to set access rights using a protection wizard and encryption tool. The protected files and folders are completely invisible until the right password is supplied. Universal Shield works simultaneously on thrashing and encryption of folders and files from being illegally accessed by any unauthorized person.

6. SafeHouse Personal Edition6.SafeHouse Personal Edition

Safe House file encryption tool has the ability to provide you total protection and privacy for your important and sensitive folders and files using encryption methods and password protection. This file encryption tool feature a military-strength encryption system which is completely transparent to the way users work and is completely compatible will all applications of Windows. This software is incredibly simple to use and it works on all drives, including USB memory sticks, External USB drives, network servers and the trusty old burning in CD/DVD’s for making highly secured back-ups.

5. SensiGuard5.SensiGuard

Is the personal information stored on your computer completely safe? Are you fond of storing files with sensitive information in unprotected folders? How can you ensure the security of these sensitive files and make your data impregnable and inaccessible to the prying eyes? Take it easy and relax! SensiGuard file encryption tool has got it all covered. It’s the quickest and the easiest way you can protect your sensitive documents, pictures, and music and movie files as it uses a more powerful 256-AES encryption.

4. Disk Utility4.Disk Utility

Disk Utility is a diverse encryption tool that has the ability to handle almost all kinds of disk-related tasks you need. The only downside of this great encryption software is that it only works for Mac computers. This file encryption utility is completely capable of creating highly secured disk images and volumes of files encrypted with 256-bit or 128- bit AES encryption. Like most indigenous Mac applications and utilities, this file encryption tool and its accompanying file encryption blends perfectly into the OS X and makes mounting and unmounting of encrypted files easy.

3. GNU Privacy Guard3.GNU Privacy Guard

GNU Privacy Guard file encryption tool is an open-source implementation of the famous Pretty Good Privacy encryption program. This file encryption tool is an individual and volume file encryption tool that supports a dozen encryption schemes, expiring signatures and paired keys. GNU Privacy Guard encryption tool does not only provide solid file encryption, it is also a great tool for encrypted communication, thanks to the public key servers and paired encryption. This file encryption tool runs on Mac, Linux and Windows.

2. 7-zip2.7-zip

The 7-zip is perfect for many regular computer users. This file encryption tool is easy to use and it offers a simple Zip container-based encryption. If you are not into encrypting tons of folders and files or maintaining a whole volume of encrypted files but you still want to make some sensitive files encrypted, then this software is perfect for you.

1. AxCrypt1.AxCrypt

This software is a free encryption tool designed for Windows. Once this file encryption tool is installed, it automatically integrates with the Windows shell and then offers a simple right-clicking encryption and decryption of folders and files with an AES-256 encryption. All your interaction with this file encryption tool exclusively takes place from the right-click context menu. In addition to its integration with Windows operating system and offering super easy encryption and decryption process, you can also use this file encryption tool to create a self-extracting archive to securely transport any file.


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    7-zip is ok, but I need to decrypt and encrypt every time I wanna view the contents in the protected folder, and Truecrypt’s’ protection process is a little bit complicated.I have used this kind of program for years,such as kakasoft(,and it seems work well. If you want to adopt my suggestion, you can search the relevant products in this site or search other products on the Internet.


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