Top 10 Ultimate Spy Software For iPhone


Do you want to know what your loved ones or employees are doing behind your back? You can spy on them with the use of spy software applications. A number or these applications are especially designed for the iPhone. Here are our top 10 picks:


10. Hello Spy

Hello Spy

Hello Spy has the advantage of being easy to install and use. It has several important features for spying such as its historical and real-time location tracking and live surrounding tracking. It can also keep track of Web browsing history, picture log, iPhone contact details as well as details on text messaging, WhatsApp logging and Viber messages. One of the best features of this app is Live Spy which allows you to remotely turn on the iPhone you are tracking.


9. mSpy


With the use of mSpy, you will be able to spy on text messages and emails of the person you are tracking. It also has a call restriction feature which allows you to block a certain number from calling the phone where this application is installed. You can also intercept instant messages. Additionally, it has GPS location tracking capabilities which can help you locate your target in real time.


8. StealthGenie


Another feature-rich spy software application is StealthGenie. With it you can listen to live phone conversations, record calls, read emails and text messages sent and received, and track the GPS location and travel routes. One of its unique features is its capability to monitor instant messaging, iMessages, and chats in Facebok, Skype, WhatsApp, and BBM. It can also give you access to photos and other multimedia files in the target iPhone and remotely control its control panel.

StealthGenie costs around $200 which is quite expensive for some users. Also, it cannot intercept calls.


7. TopSpy


If you like to track the GPS location of a target phone, or spy on the calls, SMSs, emails and Internet usage of your loved one or an employee, you could use TopSpy for this purpose. Its features include tools for recording surrounding sound, controlling applications and programs being accessed, tracking the iPhone location, and remotely locking the phone.

For business owners, one of its useful features is its ability to block calls for improved productivity.


6. MobiEspion iPhone Spy Software

MobiEspion iPhone Spy Software

You could also check out MobiEspion iPhone Spy Software if you are looking for a full-featured application for spying.

This application has features for monitoring the location of a person at a predefined time. It can also keep track of phone conversations, text messages, emails, iMessages, appointments, and the surrounding sound. You can also use it to remotely view contact details and photos saved in the target phone.


5. FlexiSpy


With more than 150 spy features, FlexiSpy is perhaps one of the most comprehensive software for spying. Among its useful features are SMS tracker, cell phone tracker, and room bugging. You can also use this application for spying the social network activities of users on Facebook, WhatsApp and Skype. Also, it has a call interception feature which lets you intercept any phone call.

This application can be used for spying on employees, your spouse or children. However, its expensive cost is one reason why it is not popularly used despite its many features.


4. MobileSpy


If you want to spy on someone, you could secretly install MobileSpy on that person’s iPhone. Once installed, this application remains hidden without the target person knowing it. It can record SMS activities and upload them in your MobileSpy account. However, it cannot record surrounding sound and calls.

Aside from iPhone, this application also works on iPod and iPad. Additionally, it has an add-on feature called Live Control Panel which lets you get a snapshot of the phone’s screen as well as its real-time location. But its $100 annual subscription fee can be heavy on your pocket.


3. Spymaster Pro

Spymaster Pro

Another application with useful features for spying on iPhone is Spymaster Pro. This premium application can monitor all calls, text messages and Internet usage. It can also be used for accessing contact details in the phonebook and to track all photos. With its GPS tracking feature, you can identify the precise location of the iPhone user at any time.


2. Ownspy


Ownspy is another app designed for iPhone and iPad. One of its prominent features is the keylogger tool which will enable you to capture all the keys being pressed. It has basic features for tracking SMS, calls and emails. It can also monitor the applications being used, websites visited, and pictures taken. Furthermore, it can intercept calls and record the surrounding sound.


1. SpyBubble


SpyBubble tops the list because of its powerful features. This application allows you to keep track and monitor almost all activities of a target iPhone in real time. Among its important features are GPS tracking, browser history, call and SMS monitoring, photos and videos tracking, environment recording, and WhatsApp chat monitoring. You could even use it to control the iPhone remotely.

If you want to be sure of what your employees, spouse or children are doing behind your back, you could install any of the spy software applications listed above.

All of them are easy to install and undetectable by the iPhone user. If you have experience using any of the applications listed here, please share with us your review through your comment.


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