Top 10 Best Animation Software You Can Download for Free

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Are you an animator? Whether you are working freelance, merely learning your way in or building a small firm, you know that choosing the best animation software is going to make a difference.

An animation software takes the paper and pens away, so that you can do your animations digitally and hassle-free. The following are some of the best animation software you can try:


10. Anim8or


Anim8or is a software that allows you to create 3D animations. Before starting, you can download the free course which is a virtual tour and tutorial into the system. This should help you ease into different features, so that you can do your work efficiently.


9. GoAnimate


For professional animated videos that are easy-to-do and absolutely low cost, choose GoAnimate. Make that decision and you can get started right way, no downloads required. From scripting and storyboarding to voice recording and publishing, you can trust that GoAnimate will be the perfect partner. Try it for free or explore their more extensive professional packages for better features and functions.


8. Dvolver


For movies and stories that can be summarized into just four different scenes, Dvolver is the perfect animation software. It is very easy to use: choose your background, create your character, add a dialog, put some music and publish. It is perfect for small-time productions that do not require extensive work.


7. iKITMovie


If you are looking for a stop animation software, you need iKITMovie because it is very easy to use. It can be used by young people who are thinking of creating small animations for school; and can be used by older animators who are working on more sophisticated projects. The kit comes with over 2,200 sound effects; and it has functions that allow easy conversion to mp4, WMV and MPEG formats.


6. Muvizu


Animation by Muvizu is helpful for various things. Educators can use it to create instruction materials; people in business can use it for presentation; and animators can use it to create movies and bring stories to life. Their free package includes 16 customizable characters, lip-synching function and thousands of objects. It boasts of lightning fast render and import capabilities that will make any animators job a breeze.


5. Pencil


Are you a pencil animator? If you are one and you would like to bring your art to life, conveniently transform your drawings in the computer using vector or bitmap graphics. Pencil works in layers and it showcases features not far from the traditional sketches on drawing boards, so the work of the animator is not at all violated.


4. PowToon


With PowToon, have fun creating unlimited animations by signing up for free. Create your account on their website or sign-up immediately using any of your existing accounts: Google, Facebook and LinkedIn. The animation videos you create can be as long as 5 minutes; and they have easy YouTube upload capacity if you need it.


3. ToonBoom


For a large variety of animation software, you can visit ToonBoom and try out their different products. They have programs designed to train a wannabe-animator–whether you are into flash animation or special effects and motion graphics. They also have two animation software both available for a limited free trial period.


2. Vectorians


If you are into flash animation, check out Vectorians for the best flash animation tools at no cost at all. The software is free if you get the GIOTO and you can use it for your website, presentations and short story animation projects. It is very easy to use and showcases features you will not see anywhere else such as 50 animated effects that you can apply straight to text or shapes without having to input a code.


1. Voki



Voki’s specialty is creating speaking avatars. Unlike some of the animation software that allows you to create movies and stories, this one does not. With your computer’s microphone and the software’s customization library however, you can create a character that you can apply to films you are making. It is enhanced to accept up to twenty-five different languages and it is absolutely free.


Whether you are looking to work with a 2D or 3D animation software for your work in animations, you will want to be able to save money with it. The best animation software offer free use of their features so go on and have fun with it. Are you ready to bring life to your drawings?


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