Top 10 Computer Spy Software Guaranteed to be Your Computer Eye

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Keeping tabs of your computers has always been integral to safety. In actuality, you can use these programs to protect your children, or to find out about any illegitimate activities that happen on your PC. At the same time, these programs are also a means to know when your employee is working or if your privacy is being invaded. You may think that programs like these are illegal, but there are so many of them online, with free trials and full programs that you can buy. There are tons of computer spy software that you can check out in order to do just that, so you should look them up as they can help you out more than you think.

10. XPCSpy


Do you need a program that takes care of these issues on privacy? Well, this is the most basic as they come because XPCSpy concentrates more on observing and monitoring activities on your PC. Beyond that, blocking is not possible and the same can be said about searches. So this program really is more about watching closely as opposed to being parental block computer programs.

9. IamBigBrother


As ominous as this program may sound, it does its job well. It simply monitors websites and movements during your use of the computer. A problem with this program is that it also allows you to records passwords, and that in itself is an invasion of private information. Like the program above, it can’t filter websites or block programs of an indecent nature.

8. SniperSpy7


SniperSpy7 is another program with the same root as the two above. The key difference is that it also tracks searches, keystrokes, and the number of websites that an individual uses at any point during the computer use. An issue that prevails with cheaper or free programs like this is that control is very limited. Unfortunately, it suffers the problem of having no restrictive features like programs and search locks.

7. eBlaster7


This program has a lot more in the way of features. The tools you can use to track website traffic vary, and there are also individual aspects which monitor the programs used among other things. What makes this program worth is that it sends alerts and emails directly to you if something happens during the use of your computer.

6. Refog Personal Monitor 7

Refog Personal Monitor 7

Number six on the list gets up here because of price and features. At a cheaper price package, you can have the program track user names, passwords, websites and internet searches along with a close system that watches applications. It’s also pretty and has an intuitive interface for users with little experience setting these kinds of things up.

5. Elite Keylogger Pro

Elite Keylogger Pro

This program is a little more risky when it comes to features because it basically acts as a full on monitor program. It can record and track time in various searches, but does not allow for any more than that. It can’t block any of the sketchy stuff that happens, but it can record conversation between two chat boxes which is a fairly new feature for these kinds of programs.

4. Spector Pro 7

Spector Pro 7

Spector, as a program, offers a higher quality tools with many variations, features and options. The detailed description is no doubt powerful enough to keep track of a ton of things, which is precisely what any user need in a monitoring program. What it lacks though is kind of important, as it does not use emails to inform you about activities that need to be monitored.

3. PC Pandora 7

PC Pandora 7

If you’re looking for a program with enough features to protect every aspect of your PC, but at the same time, comes with a lighter price tag, then Pandora is your program. It allows no risky content to pass through the filters and block programs that need to be kept in check. The only problem is that at times, keyword movements are not checked, so there are risks in searches getting through. At the same time, it doesn’t give you real time monitoring features.

2. WebWatcher 8

WebWatcher 8

Adding on a few extra dollars and you’ll be able to make a purchase that really will help you out. WebWatcher is the program for you, as it covers every base possible, makes blocking efficient, cuts out links to pornography, and generally keeps internet safe, clean, and parental controlled. However, it’s not available for Mac and it comes with a huge price tag so why not consider the number one top spot on this list.

1. SpyAgent


SpyAgent is unusually well made for its price tag. It has a whole host of programs and features that protect nearly every part of your PC, and it watches programs and features so closely that even key strokes are recorded when they are done within the parameters. It’s user friendly which is a big thing when setting up the exact features that you need to work out. It is massively efficient, has great handling, and makes it easier to protect your loved from anything they might do online. For the price of $69, it becomes the top choice for any user who needs this type of program.

There you go, the ten programs that will help you greatly when you need some monitoring and blocking agents on your PC. Make sure to use them sparingly though, as there are some negative connotations to abusing this software, so don’t do anything risky.

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