Top 10 Driver Update Software To Keep Your Computer At Optimum Speed

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It can be daunting to wait for a slow computer to load or do basic tasks such as downloading or copying files. If you are experiencing this problem, the software drivers in your computer might be outdated. And for that task, you could use a driver update software.

Here are our top 10 choices for driver update software which you could use:


10. Driver Hive

Driver Hive

What used to be a tedious process of updating your drivers can be done with just a few clicks of your mouse using Driver Hive. Once you launch this program, simply click scan and it will begin scanning your computer to identify program drivers that are already out of date. It will then set up a restore point and look for the most current driver, download it and install it on your computer. You could buy this software application for $29.99.


9. Driver Magician

Driver Magician

At $29.95, Driver Magician can be a good choice for a driver update program. This software application allows you to save or backup all your files to a compressed file, file folders, or to a setup package before making updates. It also has restore capabilities if you like to re-install the drivers that have been previously backed up or to restore files from backup.


8. Driver Detective

Driver Detective

If you want to download driver updates using Driver Detective, you can have access to more than 27 million drivers and get Norton performance and security reports. For most drivers, updating can be done by simply clicking the download button. However, for drivers that are complicated to update, Driver Detective has an integrated customer support which can address your concerns.

Additionally, Driver Detective has other special functionalities such as its built-in driver Backup Wizard which allows you to backup downgraded drivers. It also has a feature called Easy Migrator which will automatically scan your computer, download the latest version of drivers, and make a migration CD. This driver update program costs $29.95.


7. Driver Doc

Driver Doc

With a driver collection of more than 16 million, Driver Doc is one of the most comprehensive driver update programs available. It automatically gets the latest version of your drivers online and installs them in your computer. It has a built-in back up wizard which will save your downgraded drivers to CD, USB or network drive. And anytime you want to restore them, you could do so in one click using its quick restore feature.

However, it costs $59.95 which is more expensive than most driver update programs.


6. Driver Checker

Driver Checker

Another driver update software application deserving to be in this top ten list is Driver Checker. This program costs $39.95 and it comes with a wide range of features. It can quickly remove drivers and find the latest version which you could download one at a time or by batch and then install after. It has also a high speed driver scan and downloads features.

One of its most important features is its Advanced Diagnostics Technology which can help you scan for devices or drivers that are corrupted or not working efficiently. It also guarantees 100 percent system device detection to ensure that your drivers are up-to-date.


5. Driver Reviver

Driver Reviver

Driver Reviver is a leading driver update program which costs only $29.99. It can quickly scan your computer for out-of-date drivers and update them with just a few clicks. It downloads the latest version of your drivers and programs directly from the manufacturer’s website. Updating can be done within minutes with less hassle.


4. Advanced Driver Updater

 Advanced Driver Updater

Using Advanced Driver Updater can give you more benefits than what this program costs. At $29.95, it is loaded with features that can do useful functions such as automatic backup of existing drivers and testing of your hardware components to ensure that they are operating properly and efficiently. It can also restore your old drivers if there is a need. Most importantly, it can quickly download and install the latest version of your drivers.


3. PC Driver Updater

PC Driver Updater

PC Driver Updater is a driver update software which does many functions aside from updating drivers. It also creates a backup of your existing drivers and restores them when needed. It will also help ensure that your hardware components are working properly with your computer. And it will install only authentic and safe drivers. This driver updater costs $29.95.


2. Driver Navigator

Driver Navigator

Driver Navigator has numerous features which can help ensure that your computer is performing at its best. Among its important features is its ability to quickly fix problems with your drivers. It can also keep your drivers up-to-date with its database of more than four million drivers online and updated everyday. Additionally, it uses navigator technology which enables it to scan, detect or download the correct drivers.

This software costs $29.95 with a 100-percent customer satisfaction guarantee.


1. Perfect Updater

Perfect Updater

Perfect Updater is more than just a driver update program. Its basic functions include scanning your computer for out-of-date drivers and then automatically downloading and installing the updated versions. But it also creates a backup of your downgraded drivers which you will be able to restore from in case of a failure with your system. It also keeps your computer running at optimum performance. This software is available for $29.95.


With updated drivers on your computer, you can be assured that your computer will run at its peak performance. You could update your drivers with just a simple click using the driver update software applications listed here. But if you are already satisfied with a driver updater not in our list, do share it with us and let us know why you are happy with it.


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