Top 10 DVD Editing Software for Making Memories Come Alive

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Spending a huge amount of money for combining pictures, texts, presentations and more into an actual DVD content is no longer necessary these days. This is because you can find that DVD editing software can do this kind of job for you and so much more. In fact, if you feel the need to edit some of the home videos you have taken in the past and add necessary improvements and effects to it, you will find that these are truly possible with this kind of software.

10. CyberLink Power Director10 CyberLink Power Director

CyberLink Power Director is a kind of software that can definitely do wonders for the home videos you have previously taken as well as some of the pictures you have kept and more. This is because this kind of software makes it possible to combine these types of content into a complete DVD file that you can watch on your big screen. With this kind of software, you can also add a number of different effects and make a full blown content with all the necessary edits you can only see in actual movies in theater houses. Now, you don’t necessarily have to pay a huge amount of money if you want to keep yourself and your entire family entertained.

9. Corel Video Studio Pro X59 Corel Video Studio Pro X5

There are a lot of reasons why you possibly might need the Corel Video Studio Pro X5. If you are a sentimental kind of person and you want to be able to preserve some of your pictures that are now getting older, you can simply upload them unto the software and create a movie out of it. You can keep the movies you make saved on your computer or you can burn copies of it ensuring that your images will forever be with you even if they physically fade.

8. Adobe Premiere Elements8 Adobe Premiere Elements

The Adobe Premiere Elements software is necessary for capturing so of your life’s biggest milestones. In some cases wherein pictures may not necessarily suffice, filming actual events and turning them into well-edited movies can give you endless glimpses of your achievements and that of your children and family members. Every time you miss someone from your family, you don’t have to look through the pages of heavy and dusty photo albums, all you have to do is play an edited copy of your videos and you should be fine.

7. MAGIX Movie Edit Pro7 MAGIX Movie Edit Pro

The MAGIX Movie Edit Pro software is necessary because with the advancements in technology, people are left with no other option but to adapt. Since this kind of editing does not necessarily require experience and background, you can learn something different and even encourage your family and friends to learn the same thing. Then, none of you would have to spend for services that you can now do on your own.

6. Sony Movie Studio Platinum Suite6 Sony Movie Studio Platinum Suite

There are also a number of reasons how an editing software like the Sony Movie Studio Platinum Suite can potentially change your life. First and most importantly, everything is made more convenient for you because they are just within your reach. You can shoot anything and everything that you desire, think of themes or titles that will best summarize the theme and edit it into an actual DVD you can watch anytime.

5. Roxio Creator5 Roxio Creator

If you are the type of person who loves to travel, all the more you will see the benefits you can get from getting the Roxio Creator software right now. Take as many videos as you want to remind you of your trip and edit them into a full-blown film you can share with your friends. Send out copies to your travel companions so they too can be reminded of one of the most memorably experiences you’ve had with each other.

4. Video Pad4 Video Pad

The Video Pad software is another great option that you have. This one should cost you roughly $69.99 but this can very well be one of your life’s best purchases. This software has a lot of editing tools and functions you can every need. In fact, this software is one of the best choices you can get regardless if you are a first timer at editing DVDs or you have been doing it for quite some time already.

3. AVS Video Editor3 AVS Video Editor

The AVS Video Editor is a $59 DVD editing software that can give you a lot of benefits too. This software easily provides with top quality editing results making you feel like a professional at doing this kind of job. All your files will easily be given justice too because they will surely come to life and would look like they were just taken recently when in fact they have all been in your album for several years on end.

2. Pinnacle Studio2 Pinnacle Studio

At one point in your life, you have probably heard about the Pinnacle Studio. This software used to be one of the first options people have when editing and creating their DVDs. However, it wasn’t able to immediately adapt to the requirements of a lot of people so it kind of went to the backseat. Now though, the software has fully adapted to everyone’s requirement and for only $60, you can enjoy a full range of editing tools you would easily fall in love with.

1. Sony Movie Studio Platinum1 Sony Movie Studio Platinum

Of course, you can never really go wrong with the Sony brand so if you want a software that is not only of great caliber but that also lives up to its brand, then this is the one you should get. The Sony Movie Studio Platinum provides you with top movie quality that is ideal for play among large television sets and flat screen television. It’s actually one of the best choices you have for software too because considering its famous brand, it only costs you less than $100 guaranteed.


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