10 Free Songwriting Software for Writing Awesome Music

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A songwriting software may be used leisurely or professionally. It is a music software that you can easily download on your computer, so that you could plug in your instrument and create music with it. Music writing software even allows you to pretend as if you are playing with an orchestra–a magical thing that helps you create fantastic music, just as long as you choose the right software.   10. Audacity audacity songwriting software They say the best things in life are free and Audacity sure is. It is an audio editor that allows you to record live audio through a mixer or microphone, so that they may be recorded later on. It has mixing and dubbing capabilities, too, so it will allow you to create music worthy of recognition. Download it now.   9. Chord Wizard Songtrix Bronze Chord Wizard Songtrix Bronze Chord Wizard boasts of a wide array of choices, but for those looking for a free software, their bronze package is what you need. It can help you create songs using the different tools and also comes with dual chord and scale types. It is so easy to use and even allows you to print and play music. Download it here.   8. Crescendo Music Notation Editor Crescendo Music Notation Editor With this nifty tool, you can create music and have it ready to be played. The creation of an impressive musical scores demands the use of various tools and when you download Crescendo from this link, you could enjoy the ease of composing music with your computer, whether you are an expert or an amateur.   7. Finale Finale songwriting software Songwriting follows a long process but with the help of Finale, everything from song writing to composition is made simple. Finale comes with a complete songwriter and music printing software. They have also been helping people make music since 1998 so rest assured that you’ll be in good hands.   6. Jam Deck Jam Deck Jam Deck is an audio workstation that allows you to organize digital jamming sessions. It gives you access to a collection of instruments so if this is what you are looking for, visit this link.   5. Jammer Jammer If you are looking for the perfect songwriter software, Jammer is one of the names to beat. Download it on your computer and your device will immediately be transformed into a music studio that will allow you create professional-grade musical arrangements. It is also equipped with ready intros, endings, breaks and grooves as well as a useful mixer that will help you produce amazing music.   4. Ludwig Ludwig Just like the legendary Ludwig Van Beethoven, you can easily become a composer with this software. If you have a melody ready and you need help to complete the song, all you need is to play it and Ludwig will turn it into a masterpiece. Download it here.   3. Musedit Musedit music writing software It does not matter if you are an expert songwriter or a newbie finding your own niche in the music industry, this music composition software is what you need. It comes with a notation editor (workspace) consisting of tool boxes that will allow you to input lyrics and music all in one place. First introduced 14 years ago, Musedit is available here for free.   2. Song Sharpener Song Sharpener Who said you cannot write the next Billboard hit? With the help of Song Sharpener, anyone can compose and write music that is worthy of a place on the charts. It is absolutely free, just visit this link and you can expect songwriting expertise that will allow you to save lyrics, write music to track and come up with a hit.   1. Verse Perfect Verse Perfect Need help on lyric composition? Verse Perfect is what you need. It is complete with templates for classical verse/poetry forms and structures; and also has a live spell checking, hyperbolic thesaurus and contextual suggestions. Download it here and become the writing genius you have always aspired to be.   The different types of music writing software enumerated above have taken over the more traditional mediums. They have revolutionized music creation in every way imaginable. Thanks to them, the world of music has never been the same.

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