Top 10 Most Awesome Label Printing Software That You Can’t Deny

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Have you been confused on what CD/DVD to choose because they look the same and they have no labels on them? Have you been scared on using or viewing the contents of certain containers because it was placed without any distinct labels? Labels are affixed to let a user or consumer know what the item is all about. It contains basic information, addresses, and other concerns such as name tags, warnings, and advertising. Nowadays, labels are mostly used to mark CDs/DVDs. But whatever the reason you have to produce a label, here is the list of certain label printing software which can really help you make your unnamed discs and other projects into an eye-catching and informative work. There are already available templates for you for an easier and faster use. Some of the featured software do not just offer you label printing but also letterheads, stickers, business cards, brochures, magnets, and many more.

10. Label Designer Plus Deluxe10 Label Designer Plus Deluxe

A powerful label printing software indeed! Label Designer Plus Deluxe can provide all of your labeling needs. You can create pleasing labels for shipping and address, envelopes, CD/DVD and case inserts, name tags, post cards, and more. It is easy to use especially for beginners. It contains a wide range of formatting tools for text, shapes, graphics, barcodes, and other effects. You can get it done in no time. Once you create your design, you can print it the way you want it to be.

9. Label Maker Pro9 Label Maker Pro

Label Maker Pro is truly outstanding software to use. You can make and print your labels in an easy and quick way. You can also create letterheads and address labels, too. There are available templates for a quick label printing but you can design your own whenever you wanted to. There are design tools which can help you on selecting your background, font, clipart, color blends and other effects. Text import is even available create labels with different text formats.

8. Advanced CD Label8 Advanced CD Label

The software that you will love, this is Advanced CD Label. This is exclusive only on CD/DVD labels and cases. It has a full package on make-and-print your labels on discs and cases. It provides a wide selection of formatting options that includes layouts, clipart, and background photos. There are few templates available but you can have your own design, too. A step by step tutorial is also included to teach you on creating the label, on how to use the templates and to add text effects.

7. Visual Labels7 Visual Labels

By using this software, you are enabled to make an extensive variety of labels for your unmarked CD/DVD, bottle and jar, and address labels. You can make use of the long list of formatting tools available for your design. Over 200 templates and designs are provided. You can even use editing tools to have a very unique label. Visual Labels is easy to use and has a quick response customer support.

6. Office Printer6 Office Printer

A not good for nothing software! Office Printer is the software which allows you to create labels for any labeled items such as CD/DVD, shipping, envelopes, letterheads, and more. It contains a lot of ready to use templates, pre-made backgrounds, and other formatting tools. The templates will make your label printing simple, easy, and quick. By just putting the desired information, you can produce the label in no time. Photo import is also allowed for a more personalized label.

5. Label Design Studio5 Label Design Studio

The comprehensive software is now available! With a healthy extensive list of designing features and a wide range of ready to use label templates you can choose from, Label Design Studio is a good pick. Every type of labels, only exception are bottle and jar labels, you can create and print them with this software. From disc case inserts to address labels, you can have them all. Almost every standard features are available which proves that it is rated above average. There is a customable design option for you which offer you the freedom to make your own unlimited.

4. Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker4 Acoustica CD-DVD Label Maker

With easy to use features, this software cannot fail any CD/DVD label makers. Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker enables you to make your own labels for your CD/DVD and cases. It has easy and flexible design tools for a quick label production. Being always confused on which songs are stored on the disc, this software automatically create the right track list on your label. You can print your label on paper, stickers, or directly on the disc. Over 500 ready-made templates are included but if you want a personalized label, you can import your own pictures and have them placed the way you want it.

3. Label Factory3 Label Factory

Any way you want it, you can get it. Any label you need or want, you can have them with Label Factory. It is very useful on your label making and printing. You can produce labels for addresses, CD/DVD, audio/video tapes, jar and bottle labels, and many more. It provides design tools which allow you to personalize and customize your desired labels. Basic editing tools and formatting options are included, from backgrounds to fonts. Anything you need for creating perfect labels is in this software. More than 1,400 label and templates and formats are even provided.

2. ArcSoft CD&DVD LabelMaker2 ArcSoft CD&DVD LabelMaker

With complete, easy and fun features, these are what ArcSoft CD&DVD LabelMaker can offer you. It has design tools which are simple and easy to use. The ability to customize and personalize backgrounds and designs are included, as well as a function for importing your track list. You can make all your music information directly into your label project with just a click. Adding some characters to your desired labels are also allowed, along with its basic photo editing options which enables you to have a unique background.

1. Sure Thing1 Sure Thing

With the most number of designs and templates that is more than 5,000, Sure Thing is definitely hard to beat. It is considered as the ultimate label printing software. It contains topnotch features which includes these thousands of ready to use templates, an impressive track list manager, extensive list of outstanding design options, and a very simple, easy and fun way to use. You can have your amazing, eye-catching labels in no time.


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