Top 10 Small Business Software That Can Improve Productivity and Profitability

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With the advancement of technology in society, productivity and profitability in any business can be increased with products such as computer programs. For small businesses, there are developers who created means so technology could help small business owners to accrue profits and stay organized and productive. Getting the best small business software is a great investment to make for owners because its return of investment or ROI will be huge for a very long time. Here are some of the best programs that your small business can utilize that can enhance your productivity and profitability in a very big way.

10. QuickBooks Pro 2012

10 QuickBooks Pro 2012

The QuickBooks Pro 2012 is an accounting software that can help you with your home office and of course, your small business. This program can get rid of the accounting stress and hassle in any small businesses. You can explore the countless tips and tutorials provided by this program such as account on invoicing, creating reports for your finances, taxation and even sales reports. In other words, this program can give you a professional accounting service without having to hire an accountant and that’s a big savings for your business!

9. Microsoft Windows 7 Professional or the Windows 8 Pro

9 Microsoft Windows 7 Professional or the Windows 8 Pro
The computer is essential in any business nowadays. It functions mainly to assist you in your everyday work. Recently, Microsoft released their latest operating system – the Windows 8 Pro. Functionality wise, this new OS from Microsoft has upgraded features which is very functional and more helpful than its predecessor, the Windows 7 Professional. The Pro edition has greatly improved networking functionality making it simpler and easier for you to share, print and even connect to your business network.

8. Norton Internet Security

8 Norton Internet Security

Since you will be connecting to the internet for your business, it is essential that you protect your system from network intrusions and attacks. This can be achieved through having the most comprehensive internet security. You can try Norton Internet Security (the latest version) because it can provide you with the complete protection you need for your small business computers. It can identify and stop the progress of viruses, malware, spyware and other malicious intrusions before they can scatter infections on your PC. Norton has layered of protection system that will work for your benefit.

7. Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium

7 Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium

The Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium helps you to use your PC in a manner of voice command. Yes, you can use this software to talk to your PC! Instead of using your hands to use your computer, open this program, use it and start giving commands to your computer about what to do. With this program, you minimize stress on your hands and increase functionality by at least three times.

6. Adobe Acrobat X Professional

6 Adobe Acrobat X Professional

The Adobe Acrobat X Professional is a program that lets you create professionally looking PDF documents for small businesses. This program is ideal if you are integrating audios, videos and other rich media to your documents. With this program, you can combine documents professionally through its online storage and with its sharing features, you can share it easily. You can convert wide array of file formats into PDF and then presenting with user-friendly themes, layouts, themes, branding and colors.

5. Microsoft Office Home & Business 2010

5 Microsoft Office Home & Business 2010

In your small business, you need to create documents. You need to itemize your stocks, products and so on. In this case, you need the Microsoft Office Home & Business 2010. This program has the comprehensive office tools that you will need in operating a small business or for running your home office. From organizations, creating documents, spreadsheets, business presentation and much more, the MS Office has it all. If you have a computer, then you probably have this program.

4. Business Plan Pro Complete

4 Business Plan Pro Complete

The Business Plan Pro Complete can take away the stress and hassle outside of your business plan creation because it has everything you need to learn and know. Best of all, you can access it with your fingertips. With this program, you can plan meetings, advices, samples and much more with the easy-to-follow guidelines and with its results, you will have the confidence you need to tackle your business plan with ease. Its industry standard formats coupled with comprehensive error checking features can get rid of the missteps in your business plan creations.

3. ResumeMaker Professional Deluxe 17

3 ResumeMaker Professional Deluxe 17

If you need to create resume or curriculum vitae, you need to create a professional and appealing one and the ResumeMaker Professional Deluxe can help you. This program integrates a variety of document file formats and you can easily import the significant CV information from anywhere. It has the right functions and tools in creating a professional resume and much more such as searching for jobs and contracts, preparing for the interviews and negotiating salaries.

2. Microsoft Visio Standard 2010

2 Microsoft Visio Standard 2010

The Microsoft Visio Standard 2010 can help you in mapping out your business projects using sophisticated sets of diagram and the tools that can bring these plans to life. It makes use of comprehensive visual features and tools plus the online sharing function. It can make your complex business and even business requirements come to real life by mapping them out using professional tools. You will enjoy several templates available and integrate using easy features that will permit you to create professional business plans and diagrams in a fast and efficient manner.

1. Quicken Legal Business Pro 2012

1 Quicken Legal Business Pro 2012

By getting the Quicken Legal Business Pro 2012, you can begin and then run your own small business with ease by the creation of any legal contracts and forms that your business will needs. It can help you with its more than 100 legal business forms, which are all compliant with the latest regulation and laws within your state. It has the forms and templates allowing any small business in easily making of them to bind to the legal contracts and agreements. It also helps in hiring contractors and employees too.


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