Top 10 Statistical Software For Accurate Data Analysis

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Are you having a hard time analyzing customer behavior or other statistical data? You don’t have to have a background in statistics just to understand your data. There are many reliable statistical software which you could use for that purpose.

Here are top 10 free and premium statistical software that might be helpful to you:



10. Data Desk

Data Desk

Data Desk boasts of its comprehensive features designed for visual data analysis. It is useful for data exploration and for providing a graphical display of relationships, patterns and exceptions. This statistical software can perform fast data exploration of more than one million datasets. You can use the trial version for a limited time or purchase the software for $600.



9. SAS Software

SAS Software

The free SAS Software is a useful tool for time series and financial analysis. You can use it for testing the hypotheses of a single or a system of equation. It is also capable of conducting financial analysis, financial reporting, systems modeling, time series analysis and forecasting.



8. Statistix


Statistix is a premium statistical software which can be used to analyze datasets of up to one million cases and 1,000 variables. It can perform a wide range of statistical analysis such as association test, survival analysis, time series and power analysis. It has the advantage of being able to handle flexible data types such as real numbers, integers, string variables, dates and others.

A single-user license of Statistix costs between $390 and $400. There is also a 30-day free trial version but with limited capabilities.



7. CoStat


Another powerful statistical software for data manipulation and analysis is CoStat. CoStat can analyze different types of data including degrees, date, time, text, floating points, and many others. Data can be imported from almost all types of files. It also uses a wide range of procedures to analyze data. A CoStat license costs $140.





Proven to be useful in analyzing business trends, STATISTICA can do more than just that. It is a comprehensive tool for a wide range of data management, analysis, visualization and data mining. This free software has more than one million users worldwide. Most of them are businesses which constantly analyze trends that can affect decision making.



5. SAS JMP Clinical

SAS JMP Clinical

Another statistical software from SAS that made its way to this list is the JMP Clinical. This statistical software has various applications in the medical field. In clinical trials, it can be used for fraud detection and data quality monitoring, pattern discovery and outcome forecasting.

JMP Clinical is a premium software with a 30-day free trial.





SPSS boasts of a huge selection of graphical options and analytical functions which can be used in analyzing research and business data. This free statistical software can use almost any type of data to create charts, plots, tabulated reports and trends.



3. Minitab 16

Minitab 16

With an unlimited number of worksheets and rows and up to 4,000 columns, Minitab is one of the statistical software that can handle a huge amount of data. This premium software costs $1,395 for a single perpetual user. With that price, you will be paying for its advanced graphics engine and its capability to perform complex statistical computations and analyses.



2. Rattle Graphical User Interference

Rattle Graphical User Interference

Rattle is an open-source statistical software which is primarily used for data mining graphical user interference. Once data are inputted, Rattle will present them in both visual and statistical summaries and subsequently produce graphical representations of data. This software is widely used by people who like to learn R programming.



1. RapidMiner


RapidMiner is another free graphical user interference statistical software which is useful in data analysis. This software has the primary function to extract, transform and load (ETL). Its other functions include data mining, data analysis, validation and visualization of data, statistical forecasting and business intelligence. It is especially useful for interpreting and visualizing business data for decision making.


While there are hundreds of statistical software available in the market today, not all of them may be applicable for your needs. Using the right software can help you understand your data and make them relevant in your decision making. Please let us know if you are using another software that you like us to include in our list.


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