Top 10 Virtual Tour Software That May Be Used for Business and Pleasure


Virtual tour is not yet a familiar concept for many, so we’ll spare a few sentences to explain what it is. How else would you know you want one if you don’t exactly know what it’s for, right? Here it goes. According to Wikipedia, virtual tour is a “simulation of an existing location composed of a sequence of video images.” Simplified, viewing a virtual tour is like actually walking through an actual venue without being there at all. A full motion video of a particular indoor or outdoor area is made using visual tour software which, contrary to popular belief, do not require any programming skills whatsoever. If you have the extra time and/or money, better browse and get one now (why would you not want one?) Here are some of the choices that you have.

10. 360video Unwrapper Studio

10 360video Unwrapper Studio

360video Unwrapper Studio creates 360 degree virtual tours (what else?). What you need to know is that it comes up with your desired output really fast. All you need to do is drag a video file into the Unwrapper and it does all the work and then you can upload the file for your friends to see. If you’ll be using it to promote a product or service, you can enhance the output with built in cropping, color, and sharpening tools. And just like that, you have a street-view, totally cool virtual video.

9. Kolor Panatour

9 Kolor Panatour

Kolor has been in business for nine years now and it is well known for its panoramic imaging and virtual tour creation products. Kolor solutions are known for providing products that are affordable and user-friendly. Their official website also offers technical services and multimedia resources for the virtual tour software and hardware newbie. Kolor’s Panotour has a Pro version that features state-of-the-art maps plugin that make it possible to create interactive digital tours. Like we said, you don’t need programming background for this. It’s a great choice because it is compatible with various file formats, allows importation of files directly from your DSLR.

8. Property Panorama Virtual Tour Software

8 Property Panorama Virtual Tour Software

Property Panorama is an online virtual software tool that provides subscribers a tour manager. (They say it is the number one choice for most, but since we’re not sure about the claim, we’re just giving it the number eight slot.) This tool is a great choice because it provides cell phone integration. It’s very easy to use and if that’s your main criteria then this program would do just fine.

7. RTV Virtual Tour

7 RTV Virtual Tour

Business owners who need virtual tour solutions can start out with RTV virtual tour. It guarantees an increase in profits. That outcome remains to be seen. They also say that they provide prompt and effective training and technical support services, and that’s something you can readily verify. This software is meant for the use of real estate brokers and agents. RTV provides users with a great option that is superior over all the others.

6. Tourweaver 7

6 Tourweaver 7

Tourweaver is one of the leading brands out there. If rankings are enough for you then there’s no need to read further. But if not, then you might want to know that this program is multilingual and like most of its competitors, it enables a 360-degree panorama. It has great features that allow for the file to be viewed even on tablets and smartphones. One other reason why you might not want to read any further and just browse the Internet and download this now is that it has a free trial version.

5. Virtual Tour Software Provider

5 Virtual Tour Software Provider

There a number of things that you need to do with this tool. You can directly import images from any brand or type of digital camera (apparently it doesn’t want to be caught in the middle of the Canon-Nikon rivalry). It stitches photos into panoramic view which counts as one photo (you’re allowed a maximum of fifty pictures). You are also given custom framing and an awesome sidebar that provides quick links. You get free support if you get stumped with any of its functions. And they say that even now, they are making enhancements and improvements. (It seems the competition is really that intense.)

4. Panoweaver Pro-Mac

4 Panoweaver Pro-Mac

Panoweaver is for Mac users. They’ve made it so convenient that panoramic views can be created in one click. This software also has the ability to export panoramic views into QuickTime, HTML5, and Flash. Mac users would also appreciate its many advanced features in addition to the standard Google/Bing map provisions. This tool is so versatile that it supports wide angle lens, fisheye lens, and HDR among others.

3. iOSVR


iOS virtual tour software has built-in functions that make creating virtual tours easy for both PC and Mac users. Whether you are a professional VR artist who requires a state-of-the-art tool or an amateur VR software newbie, iOs VR software is for you. It is very flexible and designed for custom and 100% interactive virtual tours outputs. You may need to buy the full version, but a free trial may be downloaded. They guarantee that you can make a sale (if you’re doing a VR for business) just with the free trial version.

2. Flashificator

2 Flashificator

This is the sales pitch of Flashificator: it can make the most complex and impressive virtual tours that surpass even the highest quality hand-coding. It promises “artistic freedom” and to its credit, it been known to deliver stand outs. But it is really up to you to say whether this software really works for you. But it’s at number two for reasons already mentioned.

1. 3D Vista Stitcher 4

1 3D Vista Stitcher 4

Since this software works the fastest amongst the choicest that we have here, we’re giving it the number one slot. If you’d believe the hype, then the top position is justified. It’s been described as the “most comprehensive,” one-click stitching, multirow stitching, and it is definitely compatible with every camera lens in existence. 3D Vista Stitcher 4 is as good a bet as any.

So, are you convinced that you can’t do without virtual tour software? Get one now.


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  1. Stephen

    July 9, 2013 1:22 pm
    Not sure what criteria you are using for your rankings. Flash? Adobe pulled support for that format in 2012. Stitching software in the same list as post-stitch processing tools? Most tours are created by stitching the images first then adding hotspots and interactivity with these tools. Your top selections do not support HTML5 and Android simultaneously? Good luck using mobile devices.

    • JulioLaker

      August 12, 2013 4:24 pm

      A little vpix bitterness there?:) Not convinced your stuff works too well on Android either. is very jittery on all Androids. Do you have any decent Android demos? I’d love to see them. FYI on your homepage you shouldn’t have an apostrophe in Lets…Let’s with an apostrophe is only ever short for Let us.

    • JulioLaker

      August 15, 2013 12:14 pm

      Stephen, your last post got pulled/deleted before it was published but not before I read it. Good work getting the typo fixed so quickly. We’re UK based so I guess our best port of call might be to go to one of your VPiX Rock Stars, Nick Mustoe in the first instance. If you get a chance could you send details or any demos to dc @ Thanks

  2. Stephen

    August 15, 2013 1:30 pm

    I’m not sure why my post was deleted. is coming up. The website is not complete yet but please check it out for a sneak peek. Oliver Cowley is our Managing Director in London.


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