Top 10 Best Free Contact Management Software for Realtors


Downloading free contact management software is the best way to cut costs on database development. This tool helps you save any contact information, phone calls, emails, meeting schedules, reports, and other vital information for efficient real estate operation.

However, you need to consider the program’s features including contact information, sale and marketing management, as well as help and support functions.

Here are 10 of the best available programs that will give you the features you need to manage all your clients’ contact information:



10. Salesboom Cloud

Salesboom Cloud

Aside from contact management, Salesboom CRM offers reliable emailing functions such as auto responders for effective email marketing. Realtors will greatly benefit from its campaign management, quoting, and contracting features.

Unfortunately, translations to several languages are not available so you have to personally translate it for foreign clients. You can download the free trial by visiting its official website.



9. Top Producer

Top Producer

Top Producer helps you manage your time wisely by allowing you to manage your contact appointments with clients and prospects through mobile devices. Due to its cloud functionality, agents no longer need to access multiple systems because every activity is synchronized in the cloud. If you like to use it for free for one month, then you should take advantage of their referral program.



8. InfusionSoft


InfusionSoft is compatible with essential programs like iMember360 and Optimize Press. It has e-commerce tools that can help you establish your online presence while boosting your sale conversions. When used through mobile devices, you can immediately add a contact by simply taking a picture of the client’s business card. You can watch the demo of the software’s 4 versions at no costs.



7. Contact Plus Contact Manager

Contact Plus Contact Manager

Contact Plus allows you to call stored contacts with a single click of a button due to Skype integration. You can personalize every person’s details with information such as account notes, connected contacts, and event information.

The Contact Manager edition is best for realtors due to document management features and schedule organization. You can download the trial version via the program’s website.




6. Freshdesk


This tool allows you to create a knowledge-based community where you can store specific contact details of your leads and clients. It also allows you to provide customer assistance online by establishing a customer-service portal where clients can submit their inquiries.



5. Zendesk Help Desk

Zendesk Help Desk

Designed to provide customer support, Zendesk also gives you the essential features of a free contact management software. It is compatible with mobile devices ranging from iPad, Android devices, iPhones, and Blackberry phones. There are live chat functions too, allowing you to talk with your agents for training and activity reports. It’s free to try so go ahead and visit their website.



4. Relenta


All CRM functions of Relenta are usable with your email, making it easier for you to send emails directly to your contact lists. The user interface allows you to navigate easily and establish an effective collaboration with your agents.

Similar to social networks, Relenta creates a timeline page for each contact entry to let you see relationships and activities between clients. You can try whatever package you like for free by going to its official website.



3. Oracle Eloqua

Oracle Eloqua

Oracle Eloqua is an all-in-one automated marketing solution which has integrated CRM features. It provides a single platform where you can create online campaigns for your real estate operation. You can use it to view advanced real estate reports and analytical data that can help you convert leads into sales. You can also integrate it with your social network account to easily boost your online presence.



2. Oncontact


Oncontact allows you to store unlimited number of contact details in its database and add specific information such as schedules in each entry as well. It features marketing tools to help your agents in handling their daily activities. Its interface helps you select specific details with the use of dropdown menus, allowing you to find information quickly. The program’s free trial is always available for download through the official website.



1. PlanPlus Online

PlanPlus Online

Realtors can save more time with use of this software’s automated messaging, allowing your agents to focus more on finding leads. Multiple users can setup their schedules in one calendar interface, allowing each user to synchronize their activities. You can also use the program as an app in your mobile devices for quick access anywhere. Try it for free for one week before buying a commercial license.


Your Turn

Do you know other CRM tools that we can use for the real estate industry? Post your favorite free contact management software on the comment section and tell us why you’ve picked it.


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