Top 10 Best iPhone Software To Backup Your SMS Messages

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Tired of losing your SMS messages? Is your iPhone memory full, but with conversations you just can’t afford to get rid of? Want a way to secure them on your Mac or PC such that you can always retrieve them?

Look no further, we’ve assembled this list of the top 10 iPhone software packages that will enable you to do just that in the quickest, easiest way possible.


1. Touchcopy


This comprehensive data backup software is specifically designed to protect virtually all data formats you’re likely to find on an Apple product. If your SMS messages, photos or music is / are still present on your phone and you need a way to transfer it to your desktop, Touchcopy will help you do it.

The full software comes at a premium, but a free trial demo is also available.


2. CopyTrans


CopyTrans also facilitate the quick and easy transfer of SMS messages and other forms of data from your iPhone to your desktop. It also comes with a simple, step by step guide to help you do it and the means to print your backed up SMS messages once they have been transferred.

Their website also boasts an intuitive user interface similar to Facebook where users can leave questions and have them answered by technical support.


3. Backuptrans


Backuptrans doesn’t just allow you to move your SMS messages from your iPhone to your PC or Mac, it also allows you to transfer them back again if you change your mind.

Again, you can choose to print the SMS messages you’re backing up, and have them stored in a range of formats including Word documents, txt, cmv or html.


4. iPhone SMS Export

iPhone SMS Export

A little simpler perhaps, and less well polished, SMS Export will still help you get the job done. Again, the software will enable you to convert your SMS messages into text, html or cmv formats and to manipulate them as you wish from that point onwards.

A helpful PDF user guide is also provided to guide you through the process.


5. iPhone Backup Extractor

iPhone Backup Extractor

Another one of the more complicated but comprehensive programs on offer, Backup Extractor allows you to transfer literally anything from your phone to your computer.

It can handle SMS, MMS, photos, music and even saved game data. It can also be used as a means to recover from data corruption or failed iOS updates.


6. Xilisoft iPhone SMS Backup

Xilisoft iPhone SMS Backup

Targeted more specifically at SMS and iPhone messages at the expense of other forms of data, the Xilisoft Package still provides a quick and efficient service.

The user interface is simple and intuitive, and navigating between your backed up messages is made easier by a storage facility that allows you to enter a very minimal amount of information in order to find what you’re after.


7. iPubsoft iPhone Backup Extractor

iPubsoft iPhone Backup Extractor

Compatible with any of the devices that use the iOS, iPubsoft enables the quick and easy backup of pretty much any data format – SMS or otherwise. It’s a pretty easy piece of kit to use, and comes with added protection against spyware, malware or adware.


8. Cucusoft iPhone Contacts + SMS Backup

Cucusoft iPhone Contacts + SMS Backup

This particular software is just part of a wider suite of the convenience tools aimed at enhancing your iPhone experience. Not only will it enable the quick and easy transfer of your SMS messages and contacts, it will also help you organize them in an orderly fashion afterwards.

A free trial package is offered, and if you like this tool, there are plenty more you might like to check out too!


9. iOS Transfer

iOS Transfer

Completely free and probably one of the easiest packages to use, iOS Transfer will again help you export all manner of data—SMS messages included—from your iPhone to your Mac or computer and henceforth allow you to convert into it into a range of different formats.

Their website also provides a simple, clear guide to getting everything done with no hiccups.


10. PhoneView


Another highly convenient package, PhoneView will automatically back up your SMS messages and other forms of data whenever your iPhone is connected to your Mac or PC. It also allows you to convert your saved data in PDF files, which is something many of its competitors can’t do.


Your Turn

Try them all and let us know which one you think offers the best value/functionality below.


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