Top 10 Salon Software To Streamline Your Beauty Business


Owning or managing a salon business involves certain tasks such as booking clients, scheduling appointments, preparing regular reports, and maintaining customer records among others. These tasks can be time-consuming unless you use software especially designed for these purposes.

We have searched and reviewed the best salon software applications that may be useful to salon owners and managers. Here are our top picks:


10. Salon Manager

Salon Manager

Salon Manager is a software management system designed for any type of salon business. You can use this application to maintain customer records, schedule client appointments, monitor stock sales and help you with VAT computations. One of its significant features is its fast search tool for searching customer bookings. It also has a tool for exporting customer details to Excel spreadsheets.


9. Mindbody


Mindbody is a highly scalable salon software application for both small- and large-sized applications. It can simplify many aspects of your business including customer and staff management. It also has integrated accounting and marketing tools, e-Commerce solutions, and mobile apps which can help users attract more customers and boost revenues.


8. Shortcuts Salon

Shortcuts Salon

Shortcuts Salon supports eight languages for several users in various countries. Some of its basic features are appointment manager, accounting integration, client recordkeeping, online reservations, staff management, and inventory management. It also comes with tools for barcode scanning, gift card processing, and customer loyalty program.


7. Millennium SpaSalon

Millennium SpaSalon

With Millennium SpaSalon, you can focus more on increasing revenues and growing your business while letting this application do some of the complex tasks for you. It has a robust solution for automating point-of-sales, inventory management, client and staff management, appointment scheduling and more. It also integrates some features for sales and accounting such as barcode scanning, rental management, commission management, credit card processing, and gift card processing.


6. Envision Salon Software

Envision Salon Software

Envision Salon Software is also an effective tool for managing salon and spa. It has a lot of free offerings for its users including free Web-based training and free unlimited support online. This application can be useful in scheduling and managing appointments and keeping client records among others.


5. Salon & Spa Software

Salon & Spa Software

Salon & Spa Software has many features that are crucial for running a salon business including appointment scheduling, inventory management, staff management and client management among others. It also has point-of-sale features for easy tracking of revenues.


4. Leprechaun Spa and Salon Software

Leprechaun Spa and Salon Software

Leprechaun Spa and Salon Software helps eliminate all paperwork and will help you be more organized in keeping records, scheduling of appointments, tracking sales, managing inventory and tracking clients. It also comes with tools for computing commissions, payroll, and wholesale rates for credit card. Its extensive reporting features can also be useful in giving you an idea about the accounting status of your business.


3. Salon Iris

Salon Iris

Designed to be a versatile application for desktops, iPads, iPhones and Android-powered devices, Salon Iris is great for any type and size of salon. It can help owners organize and be reminded about appointment schedules with its automatic appointment reminder feature. It also comes with tools for credit card processing, payroll, inventory and accounting.


2. Insight Salon and Spa

Insight Salon and Spa

Insight Salon and Spa is a custom-built application with functionalities for appointment booking, reservations, client management, employee management, product management and more. Both point-of-sale and payroll tools are also integrated in the system.


1. Vagaro


Vagaro is one of the finest salon software available. It can track contact details, service history, IOUs, allergies, attendance, reward points, and general notes about a particular customer.

Customers can view and update their record for more accuracy. They could also give feedback about your services which you can view on your page. Aside from its comprehensive customer management features, it also has functionalities for payroll and preparation of reports which are vital for analyzing your business status.

With the different salon software applications available, you can now effectively and efficiently manage your business and have room for more growth.


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  1. Vincent Wall

    January 29, 2016 6:58 pm

    Great list! One thing to consider when looking for a Scheduling Software is: whether it is an Online Program or not. Online Schedulers offer much better flexibility, they are easily accessible from any mobile device and offer great data security and regular software improvements. is a great program for Salon and Spa industry, its feature packed and offers great notification options, like Phone Call Notifications! Good luck on your search.

  2. Kim Delisi

    March 27, 2016 10:31 am

    We’ve tried many different systems for my Salon and the best we’ve found in the industry is Even better this system is completely free of charge.

  3. Louis

    June 14, 2016 4:16 pm

    If you are searching for a salon software, it is definitely worth looking into Salonized. It is both affordable and simple to use. It has a broad range of services starting from basics like agenda and clients reaching up to strategic marketing features. Also, the support is amazing with friendly people who go above and beyond to help you.

  4. sjoukje

    July 8, 2016 3:15 am

    We are using and its working like charm for us, full of features at affordable price like $10/monthly, from when we started to use it, it just lifted weight off our shoulders, and I like their features of multiple location and booking of multiple appointments in single transaction. You cannot fine such features and great support at their offered price anywhere. I recommend it

  5. Boris Stier

    January 29, 2017 5:53 pm

    I would say these are not bad options, but I feel that only software is not enough for a salon & spa. We just created a full pos system for the salon industry. With all the features you will find here but with free hardware. A 15″ touchscreen POS system, thermal receipt printer, EMV credit card reader, bar code scanner, keyboard, and mouse.

    We only charge $69 a month, but the BIG difference is that we will provide all of the hardware at $0 cost and a lifetime warranty.

    This is me:


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