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create a website

“Uncle, can you help me create a website?”

One of the worst fears of a middle-aged person is to be asked for help on techie issues.  Not all of us have managed to keep abreast of the new technologies, gadgets and apps that have been developed since ‘our time.’  In my case, Bill Gates and his buddies were still developing the PC during my high school years.  During that time, anybody who can use a typewriter had a clear edge over those that don’t. But times have certainly changed!

Preparations on How To Create a Website

How does one create a website if he is not an expert? I had a simple plan – check out all the resources available on the web. If that doesn’t give me enough grasp of the subject, then I’ll have to use the ‘call a friend’ option.  Fortunately, a high school classmate from a few decades ago had embarked on a career in computers, allowing me a back-up information source.

It helps that technology comes up with ways of introducing itself to dinosaurs like me, which is what search engines are best known for.   I began by asking trusty old Mr. Google for help in finding a website that will teach a beginner how to build his own website from scratch.

Clueless Uncle Begins Research

I begin by typing a query in the search engine that reads ‘how to create a website.’  In less time than it takes to blink twice, there are millions of suggested websites on the screen, most of them dealing with website building.  Of course, all that information comes with its own disadvantages, foremost among them choosing which ones truly address my requirements.

There were pure tutorial sites such as the one that teaches building a WordPress-based website.  Others offer free websites, complete with easy to follow instructions on building a ‘basic’ site.  These types of sites often offer the basic products for free along with upgrades that you have to pay for.  Some sites, though, offer totally free websites in exchange for your agreement that they can post ads on them for free.

I tried quite a few of the free sites and found the instructions surprisingly easy to follow. I was able to play with design, customization, and testing even if I am, admittedly, not as computer-literate as I should be. In less than an hour I had a functioning, if very basic, website up and running.  I was even able to choose colors, simple designs, and a nice quotation for the home page.

create a website

Ready To Build A Website

Thanks to resources available on the web, I’ve learned the basics of website building in just a couple of days.   I’ve even acquainted myself with the meanings of such terms as url, hosting, domain name, registration, HTML, navigation, content, web page editors and a host of other things I have never before encountered. I am ready to work with my nephew.

When the precocious one arrives, we will start to create a website for him.  I am confident I can give him step by step guidance.  I can even walk him through the website publishing process.  From a clueless uncle, I was a changed man! How about you? Are you ready to build your own website?


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