Dental Software: 10 Robust Programs to Improve Clinic Workflow

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Managing a dental office can be overwhelming sometimes. You are organizing appointments, keeping track of patients, balancing financial transactions and so forth. The papers can be mountainous and the work can be too much, but with the help of a dental software, the work will be more organized.



10. ACE Dental

ACE Dental


You want an easy-to-use dental software because this promotes productivity and ACE Dental delivers just that. The Basic software showcase features that improve patient charting and images, insurance applications, appointment setting, blocking and recalling, employee time clocking, room-to-room chatting, prescription writing and laboratory case tracking. It also includes various clinical features for periodontics, 3D restorative charting and automatic clinical notes.



9. Curve Dental

Curve Dental

A web-based dental software, Curve Dental can help in basic dental and perio charting which includes clinical notes, treatment planning, patient education, scheduling, billing, reporting and insurance management, credit card processing, communication, imaging and reliable data back-up. With technical support made available to users any time and any day, you can rest assured that you have a system that will work exactly as expect it to.



8. Denticon


Planet DDS brings Denticon, a cloud-based dental software that is easy-to-use and affordable. It is trusted by thousands of dental practices because it is safe, runs fast and offers true accessibility. It brings order to various office functions like scheduling, clinical and financial, so that you can be more efficient and productive.



7. Dentrix


Henry Schein calls every dentist to be a Dentrix dentist because the system has front office tools, clinical tools and business tools that every dental practitioner will need. Their front office tools help you welcome patients with efficiency and precision; their clinical tools help you formulate better treatment plans; and their collection of business tools help improve productivity that ultimately increases revenues and income.



6. DMC


The Dentists Management Corporation brings DAISY, which is completely free and helps facilitate charting, treatment planning, patient recalls, accounts receivables and claims tracking, insurance estimates and so much more. With the help of DAISY, you can focus more on patient care and leave all the technicalities of your functions to the software. It has mobile accessibility so it promotes convenience—and makes practice management so much more simple.



5. EagleSoft


With the EagleSoft dental software, you enjoy a personalized system that offers power over your accounting, scheduling, treatment planning, patient charting and recording functions. With a single window, it can carry out the clinic’s functions and promote efficiency and productivity that drives revenues up.



4. Exact V11

 Exact V11

Software of Excellence from Henry Schein introduces Exact V11, a dental software that comes with reliable customer service as well as a collection of various innovations: online booking, easy posts, reminders, SMS replies and to-do lists. It also includes helpful functions such as the 16-surface charting which allows a more detailed recording of dental findings; Ortomed that orthodontists could use to make diagnostic and treatment tracings; and Examine Pro II for the enhancement and improvement of digital images.



3. Praktika


This online dental software introduces a range of innovations starting with the SMS module that offers a more cost-effective method of communication; the HICAPS module that facilitates claims and various financial claims; and the multiple location function that is perfect for larger practices with different clinic locations. All of these features are available as a mobile app, offering increased accessibility and scope.



2. Prime Dental Software

Prime Dental Software

Prime Dental Software is the complete dental software that you need for your office. It is easy-to-learn, reliable, powerful and fully-customizable. It can help you in scheduling, patient charting, billing, insurance, patient recall, prescription writing, employee time tracking, referral tracking, office communication and image management—it surely has everything you need in a dental system.





Another Henry Schein innovation made especially for MAC users. It is a powerful system that is patient centric so dentists and their entire team can provide a level of service that will bring utmost satisfaction to patients. It is easy-to-use, so getting harmonious with the system is not going to be tricky—from the use of ledgers, images, charts and more.


In a dental clinic, there are different components in play and a dental software should help to bring order to everything. When things are organized, the workflow is smoother and productivity is guaranteed. Be more efficient and professional and impress more patients in the process. See your clinic flourish with a perfect office assistant.


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