Top 10 Employee Monitoring Software to Increase Team Productivity


Are you certain that all your employees are working as you expect them to?

In a busy office, it is always important that everyone performs their assigned tasks so that workflow is smooth and productivity is ensured. But with all the distractions that could be stealing employees’ attention away from work, an employee monitoring software becomes very useful.


10. CherryStaff


This is a web-based employee monitoring system that allows you to watch over your employees’ computer activity. It is absolutely free to download and easy to install on all computers you wish to monitor. It is easy-to-use and can run alongside other applications, as well as any web filtering program that you have.



9. EAM Professional

EAM Professional

IMonitorSoft brings EAM Professional, the employee monitoring software that allows you to see and log everything workers do on their PC. The monitoring capacity is quite extensive, even allowing you to know their document actions (edit, copy, delete, rename and create) and USB or disk drive usage.



8. ExtraSpy Employee Monitor

ExtraSpy Employee Monitor

Whether you want to spy on your employees’ internet usage or frequency of coffee breaks, ExtraSpy is the perfect system. This excellent employee monitoring software is free and can monitor internet usage, including frequency and length of stay in a given site. It takes screenshots and takes note of keystrokes; offers real-time remote monitoring so you can check what your employees have on their screen at any given time; and provides useful analysis and reporting for more efficient monitoring.



7. iSafe AllnOne

iSafe AllnOne

Why should you get iSafe? If you are having problems monitoring and controlling the work of your employees, then you need a software that can do real-time and completely invisible remote monitoring. iSafe can offer just that, so you do not have to ask for anything more.



6. My Sammy

My Sammy

When you choose My Sammy for your employee monitoring software, you are discarding the unethical and invasive practices of spying but resort to more effective monitoring. With My Sammy, employers are measuring instead of spying.



5. Refog  


When you choose the Refog employee monitoring software, you can definitely improve productivity at work by keeping constant watch over the work of the people who work for you. Its features include keystroke recording, remote monitoring, web history logging, application monitoring and time tracking, IM monitoring, screenshot history and email reports. Also enjoy a summarized assessment in the exact way you prefer.



4. Spy Agent

Spy Agent

It is often easier to assume that most employee monitoring software in the market are all the same. But that is not the case. Spy Agent, for instance, offers fresher features that will support your surveillance and monitoring, content filtering, security and stealth, as well as reporting and log management needs.


Price: $79.95 (with free trial).



3. Surveilstar


Surveilstar is the perfect system for employee computer monitoring functions. It takes real-time screencaps; records sent and received emails; monitors two-way traffic of chats or instant messaging; records all website, document and printing activities; and prevents illegal file sharing.


Price: Starts at $69.95 for single licensing (with free trial).



2. Track4Win Monitoring

Track4Win Monitoring

Track4Win is the award-winning employee monitoring software that may also be applied for use in home computers. It is a system that helps you monitor your employees’ work, so that you can determine who is most productive in the office; and it prevents internet abuse, which is a common practice in most workplaces—while making sure information is obtained in stealth-mode.


Price: Professional starts at $39 for 1-9 users and Enterprise starts at $59 for 1-9 users.



1. WebWatcher


WebWatcher is a web-based employee monitoring software that downloads in just five minutes. It helps you record and control all computer activity, remotely from the Web, while being 100% undetectable. It offers email, instant messaging, Facebook, MySpace and Twitter monitoring; features program blocking, web filtering, keystroke logging and alert word notification; and includes website searches and continuous screenshots.


Whether you are away from the office or sitting in your room at the back, it is nice to have a means of checking the function of your employees. A reliable employee monitoring system offers just that, and guarantees maximum productivity to boot.


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  1. Joshua Murry

    January 20, 2014 2:58 am

    Employee monitoring software is a huge help not only for the employers but it also helps employees focus on work and avoid distractions. If it’s okay, I would like to add on this list the reliable tool I’ve been using for almost 3 years now, it’s

  2. Jaime Kings

    December 5, 2016 7:07 am

    I think you should check out AEROADMIN, we use it use more than three years at our office. Easy, and most importantly safe program for employees monitoring. And it’s also free for business


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