Top 10 Best Purchase Order Software For Small Business


Managing purchase orders is one of the greatest challenges of small businesses. To solve this problem, purchase order software applications were created and are very handy. If you are looking for the right software product, we have listed our top ten choices based on usability and features:


10. WorkPlace eProcurement

WorkPlace eProcurement

WorkPlace eProcurement is a fully featured solution for automating purchases. It has multiple options for an automated and paperless procurement process. It has a centralized and web-based interface for easy access by people involved in the purchasing process. This software application also helps ensure that compliance, cost control, and reporting analytics are observed by leveraging vendor contract as well as budget enforcement.


9. ACCTivate


As a purchase order software, ACCTivate has a wide range of features for purchase management. It is a dynamic software application for managing requisitions of supplies, request for quotation, purchase orders, order receipts and alerts. It can give small- and medium-sized businesses control over all their purchasing processes. It has a feature called Spend Management and Budget Control which can help keep track of your budget and spending. Also, it has a functionality for stopping unauthorized purchases.


8. Rootstock Purchase Order Management

Rootstock Purchase Order Management

The Rootstock Purchase Order Management is a software product that you could use to easily input and track purchase orders made for direct and indirect materials and services. It has applications that are useful in the purchasing process from purchase requisitions to receipts as well as integration of the accounts payable. It also saves your vendor information and other reports pertaining to purchases, allowing you to make better purchasing decisions.

One of the special features of this program is its PO-AP Match Process. It creates Accounts Payable (AP) invoices once it matches vendor invoices with PO receipts.


7. iBuy


iBuy is a premium software application that can give you maximum flexibility in creating and sending purchase orders. Aside from that, it also has budget functionalities that let you manage your daily procurement easily. It works by converting employee requisitions to purchase orders as many as you want. You can then send them to suppliers via fax, email or EDI. This software totally eliminates the manual processing involved in the purchase system.


6. OpenBox Purchase Order Management Software

OpenBox Purchase Order Management Software

Another premium software application that can help small- and medium-sized businesses in managing their purchase orders is the OpenBox Purchase Order Management Software. This program promises its users to help improve their sales pipeline quality and automate management and processing of purchases. By automating the purchase system, it can help reduce potential errors inherent to the process. You could visit its website for information on pricing.


5. Bellwether Purchasing Management eXtra

Bellwether Purchasing Management eXtra

Rated as the #1 purchase order software in terms of usability by more than 700 purchasing managers, the Bellwether Purchasing Management eXtra is another software product worth considering. This program helps automate and streamline the purchasing process for small- to medium-sized businesses. Additionally, it can give you control over purchases and stop any unauthorized purchases.


4. Purchase Order

Purchase Order

PurchaseOrder is a program designed for purchase order management. It can help generate accurate business invoice details, delivery orders and other reports related to purchases. It also has features for easy management of vendors and client records. It has a free version with limited features.


3. Invoice Expert

Invoice Expert

Invoice Expert is a comprehensive and easy-to-use purchase order software application. It has functionalities for invoicing, inventory control, vendor management and purchase orders among others. Its purchase order functionality has features that include custom invoice designer, packing slip, multiple tax rates and many others. You could buy this software for $69.95


2. Descartes Purchase Order Direct

Descartes Purchase Order Direct

Using Descartes Purchase Order Direct, you can simplify many aspects of inventory management and supply chain. Any changes in the quantity of purchase orders, stock keeping unit (SKU) and ready dates are done online to help logistics service providers manage the purchase order process. Its comprehensive features include Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) which is a labeling technology designed for build shipments and inventory accounting.

You could visit their website for pricing details.


1. Fishbowl


Fishbowl is a premium purchase order software product that can be seamlessly integrated with Quickbooks accounting software. It is ideal for small- and medium-sized businesses. This software program can take care of your inventory management needs from purchases of supplies and manufacturing of goods to sales and distribution. It has features that automate quoting, ordering of goods and purchasing.


Automate your procurement process using the purchase order software applications listed here. If you have personal experience using any of them, please share it with us.


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    Great Software List For Small Business !

    we would like to suggest Moon invoice app with great feature like create, send, receive purchase orders to clients and helps to manage the client’s Payment information more effectively.

    The Moon Invoice


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