Top 10 Construction Scheduling Software For Successful Project Planning


Managing construction activities is a serious and challenging task which requires more specialized software. This is what construction scheduling software applications have been designed for.

We have chosen ten of the most popularly used software and ranked them according to usability and features.


10. Co-construct


Co-construct is a web-based application designed for remodelers and custom builders. It helps you easily coordinate scheduling, photo management and selections. Using this premium software, you can manage your day-to-day operations with minimal IT work.


9. Spectrum Construction Software

Spectrum Construction Software

Spectrum Construction Software is a construction management tool that combines accounting, project management and job costing into a single cloud-based application. It is highly customizable to suit your company’s needs. The overall output of this software includes financial data, project workflow report and document management. Additionally, it has an interface that is easy to work with. You could also access your data through a mobile device.


8. ProContractorMX

Designed to be an all-in-one system for construction companies, the ProtoContractorMX is another construction scheduling application software that you might consider. It has a comprehensive set of features that allows you to efficiently manage your projects, estimates and accounting transactions in one interface. Its features include equipment tracking, item billing and multi-company support.


7. ComputerEase


ComputerEase is a comprehensive tool that combines project management and construction accounting features. They include accounting features for job costing, tracking equipment and materials management. On the other hand, its project management features include LEED tracking, punch list, resources management and materials management. This premium application can be used by small to large construction firms.



6. BuildTools


Designed for construction firms engaged in residential construction, BuildTools is another popular full-featured construction scheduling application software. It has functionalities for scheduling, project management, service management, budgeting, purchasing, document storage, and customer management. This software is offered with a monthly subscription and comes with unlimited access and storage.


5. Procore


Currently, Protocore has a customer base of over 30,000 which makes it one of the most popular construction software applications available. It is offered on a subscription basis and comes with unlimited usage and support in training and implementation. Since it is web-based, you could use this software to manage your construction transactions using any computes and mobile device.

Among the key features of Protocore are RFI creation and management, document management, contract management, email management, and construction scheduling.


4. Foundation Software

Foundation Software

Foundation Software is a comprehensive software product with applications for project management, job costing and scheduling. Its accounting application includes a system for recording accounts payable, accounts receivable, purchase order and many others. It also has features for keeping track of progress billing, production cost, overhead allocation and other useful features for project management. Additionally, you could also choose some add-on modules for this software such as scheduling, fixed asset management, scheduling, materials billing, and service dispatch.


3. UDA ConstructionSuite

UDA ConstructionSuite

As a full-featured and user-friendly software application, UDA ConstructionSuite is worth considering for companies engaged in the construction business. This software lets you manage and control every stage of any construction project you may have. It has applications for project management, estimating, scheduling, job costing, and document management, allowing you a more centralized way to manage your business. Additionally, it can seamlessly integrate with other construction and accounting software such as Quickbooks, PlanSwift and MS Project.



2. Jonas Software

Jonas Software

Since 1990, Jonas Software is already known in the construction industry. It has even won several awards for promoting paperless construction management.  It has applications for project management, bid management, customer management and service management which can be integrated with accounting. It has more than 40 modules which represent various functions and features.

One notable feature about Jonas Software is it can be integrated into mobile devices such as laptops, PDAs and tablets. It also has online portals such as eTimesheets, eRouting or eService where customers can input information.


1. BuilderTREND


BuilderTREND is a powerful tool ideal for remodelers and home builders. It is a project scheduling, customer management, project management and service management software application in one. It has functionalities for managing documents, selections and photos, changing order management, and for warranty administration.

Because it is a web-based application, you don’t have to install or maintain a server, and it can also be accessed with any Windows or Mac computer or mobile device. It also comes with free unlimited training and support.

Construction management has never been easier with construction scheduling software applications. Since this list is not all-inclusive, feel free to comment on any other software you may know that deserves a top ten spot.


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