Top 5 Free Audio Transcription Software For iPad

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Audio transcription is normally done manually. It involves jotting down every word uttered in a speech, and is usually time-consuming and tedious. Fortunately, there are now audio transcription software that can help you simplify this task. They are designed to convert audio files into text using computers and other devices.

If you’re using an iPad, here are 5 of the best free audio transcription tools that may be suitable for your needs:


5. Safari


Safari has a powerful speech recognition capability aside from its traditional searching functionality. It contains a microphone icon that you could readily tap for activating the speech-to-text feature. Whenever you say something, this app will figure out what you are saying. Otherwise, it will provide you with a dropdown list of possible words uttered.


4. Voice Assistant

Voice Assistant

Voice Assistant may not be totally free but it is as good as free because it only cost $0.99. This application lets you transcribe your recordings to text format with just a few clicks. Once transcription is done, you could use its auto copy feature to send the transcription to YouTube, Google Search or Evernote. This application uses advanced speech recognition as well as on-screen editing and grammar correction for a more accurate output.


3. Smart Recorder 7

Smart Recorder 7

Smart Recorder 7 is another application that has powerful recording capabilities. Tags can be inserted into the recordings so that you can easily jump on a specific portion. It also has multiple playback speed which allows you to fast-forward, playback, skip ahead or replay the audio. It enables you to activate its automatic pause feature which will automatically stop recording when it does not detect any sound.

Smart Recorder 7 also has transcribing capabilities which come with a correction editor.


2. AudioNote Lite

AudioNote Lite

AudioNote Lite is a unique audio transcription application in which the transcription is manually inputted by the user. While recording an audio of a speech or interview, this application also allows you to take down notes on your iPad at the same time. Once the recording is done, you could go through your notes and find the topic you want to review. Press that topic and then you will also hear the actual recording for that particular part. This can facilitate any correction or addition in case you missed some points in your notes.

When note-taking, AudioNote Lite will also give you the option to select a particular background for your notes. You could choose standard rule, blank white, graph or yellow pad. You can then share your notes through email. However, the free version only allows recording of up to 10 minutes of audio.


1. Dragon Dictation

Dragon Dictation

Available for free on iOS, Dragon Dictation is now one of the leading audio transcription software applications. However, this application is only limited to transcribing audios saved within the app. It is an application that is more applicable for making text notes with an option to share them through email or the social media.

To use it, simply tap the screen before the speaker could begin talking then tap again when finished. Once recording is done, it will automatically generate the text which will be displayed on-screen. You can then review and make revisions or corrections on the text.


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