Top 10 Free POS Software to Streamline Your Small Business

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Tracking small business sales can be as challenging as that of big businesses without the aid of POS or Point-Of-Sale tools. You don’t have to spend money to use these applications since there are free POS software applications that you can use. Below are our top ten choices:


10. Harbortouch POS

Harbortouch POS

Habitat offers a wide range of POS solutions for different businesses. Harbortouch POS is free to download but there is a monthly fee involved for technical support and other services they provide. The primary feature of this POS is inventory tracking, customer management and payment processing. It can support a touch screen computer, PIN pad, barcode reader, and customer display.


9. Posterita


Another powerful application for POS is Posterita. This program allows you to select products to sell using a search bar, barcode or product directory. It can also perform and keep track of product exchanges, returns and discounts given. Each item on your inventory is specifically coded to monitor stock levels and the availability of products.

Since it is web-based, you don’t have to install any program on your computer. You can also use it to run a single store or several store branches. You can try its trial version for free.


8. ProgramIT Free POS Software

ProgramIT Free POS Software

The Free POS Software is an application designed by ProgramIT for small businesses in hospital and food industries. It can support two cash drawers as well as card swipers, barcode readers, touchscreens, remote printers, receipt printers and other tools normally used by small businesses. It can also handle inventory tracking.

Free registration is required before you can use this application.


7. Gotmerchant Retail POS

Gotmerchant Retail POS

Although it is a premium application, Gotmerchant Retail POS is free to try. It is a powerful POS that can help you manage employees, track inventory and control product costs. It comes with an integrated gift card processing and credit card processing system.

If you get the premium version, it comes with a computer, cash drawer, barcode scanner and receipt printer. Installation, inventory programming, online back-office and lifetime technical support are free.


6. Open Source Point of Sale

Open Source Point of Sale

Open Source Point of Sale is a web-based POS written in PHP. It has a simple sales register interface and has MySQL as its back-end data storage. Its basic functionalities include inventory tracking, customer tracking, supplier tracking and reporting. Best of all, it is free.


5. ShopKeep POS

ShopKeep POS

ShopKeep POS is a premium application with a 30-day free trial. It is a powerful cloud-based POS that gives businesses the flexibility to choose their payment processor.

With this application, you can receive payments in a variety of ways such as cash, credit card and mobile payments. Also, selecting items to sell is easier by using a barcode scanner or searching them by name. There is also an option to apply discounts. Furthermore, it can work on your iPad allowing you to let customers sign their credit card on your iPad and then email or print their receipt.


4. Lemon POS

Lemon POS

Another open source POS application is Lemon POS. It is a solid system that requires just a little learning curve which is ideal for small businesses. It has MySQL-driven features which can let you use multiple terminals with a single database. Its vendor’s interface can also be themed to fit your preference.

This program supports barcode scanners for easy inventory tracking. Furthermore, it can keep track of your cash flow and supports a loyalty program that keeps track of your customers’ accumulated points.


3. Cash Register Express

Cash Register Express

Cash Register Express is a premium software application with a free trial version limited to 200 transactions. It can track your inventory and sales and make a report of your actual profit. It also has a powerful tool for tracking your most valuable customers so that you can make reward plans for them.

This software has the functionality for scanning a driver’s license when selling alcohol and other age-restricted products. It can also seamlessly integrate with QuickBooks for your accounting.


2. TouchSuite POS

TouchSuite POS

Considered as a powerful tool , the TouchSuite POS is suitable for small businesses. It has a comprehensive reporting feature as well as a data backup online feature. It also has the ability to generate sales data, record profit margins, and identify the effectiveness of your pricing.

You can also remotely access your information using any computer as it is cloud based. You can try this application using its demo version.


1. AccuPOS


Using its free demo version, you can test the capabilities of AcuPOS as a POS application. It can readily integrate with SAGE and QuickBooks for credit card processing and tableside purchases.

It has basic functionalities designed for inventory management and to speed up sales. And if you purchase the premium version, it comes with a touchscreen computer, card reader, cash drawer, barcode scanner and receipt printer. This program also has an Android version for mobile devices.

If you know of other free POS software applications that can be used by small businesses, feel free to share them in your comment.


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