Webcam Recording Software: 10 Terrific Tools For Capturing Webcam Videos

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You may not be a big time video producer and may not have the high-tech equipment to produce such films, but with the help of a good webcam recording software, you can easily turn your webcam shots into something so much more special.


10. Advanced Webcam Recorder

Advanced Webcam Recorder

This webcam recording software is specifically built for continuous recording. It has face detection and email alert functions, so it conveniently doubles as a surveillance system. It has cyclic recording features with automatic delete functions and is able to produce videos with audio and visual product.



9. Bandicam


Using Bandicam, you can now enjoy continuous recording for up to 7 days straight and automatically upload your videos to YouTube. Trust that it produces less lag compared to other systems and records files in a smaller size so that it does not take up much memory space. Use it to record your computer screens or any Windows application that is running.



8. Camerasoft Webcam Capture

Camerasoft Webcam Capture

This free webcam recording software is a professional recording system that is both a webcam monitor and a surveillance device. It is very easy to use and ideal for monitoring your home or office.



7. CamStudio


With the help of this webcam recording software, you will be able to convert video and audio on your screen monitors into industry-standard AVI video. CamStudio produces bandwidth-friendly videos that may be applied to Flash videos that you can then use on presentations, projects, instructional videos and so forth. Include text captions for videos that do not have exemplary audio quality; CamStudio is free and definitely reliable!



6. CoffeeCup Webcam

CoffeeCup Webcam

If you have a website, you can easily embed live webcam images to it with the help of CoffeeCup Webcam. You can even link different webcams and project these to the same site. The CoffeeCup Webcam is an easy-to-use system that makes every newbie seem like an experienced video editor. You can use it as a surveillance camera that watches over your house and monitors your children when you are away.



5. Debut


Debut is a webcam recording software that can create videos by recording from a webcam, external devices, computer screen or a streaming video. Record videos directly to your hard drive and enjoy them in various formats: avi, flv, wmv, mp4, mov, mpg and more. Also enjoy different editing features that will help improve and enhance your videos.

Price: Free (for non-commercial use) or Pro Edition for $39.95.



4. Super Webcam Recorder

Super Webcam Recorder

From ZeallSoft comes Super Webcam Recorder, the webcam recording software that captures streaming videos and produces screencaps. If you have a video, trim and edit it conveniently or take multiple images with your webcam then create a video out of this.



3. TinCam Webcam Software

TinCam Webcam Software

If you are thinking of hooking your webcam and embedding them onto a website, you can trust that TinCam will help you. Be it actual videos or live pictures, you can transfer all the data on webpage through this webcam recording software. It has motion detection, automatic email alert, and picture captions among others.



2. WebcamMax


Thanks to this software, you can now turn any webcam footage into a masterpiece by adding amazing effects to it. It has doodling features that allows you to draw on the videos from your computer and has a direct share function so you can immediately upload it to YouTube and other websites.



1. Webcam Video Diary

Webcam Video Diary

This free webcam recording software can record videos straight from your webcam. Add notes to every video file and turn a simple video feed into a vlog. It is easy-to-use and comes ready with a time stamp.


Who said you need a special camera to create videos? If you have a webcam and you want to turn your videos into something special, just hook it up to a webcam recording software and turn your small-time webcams into an expensive video equipment.


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