Top 10 Best Maintenance Software For Hotel and Hospitality Industry


Regardless if it’s a hotel with five-star amenities or just the regular bed and breakfast type, people always expect the best service around. But without nifty tools on hand, hotel owners won’t be able to guarantee a service worth recommending. And this is where maintenance software comes to the picture.

Here are some of today’s best maintenance software specifically designed for the hotel and hospitality industry:


1.  Hotel Service Pro

Hotel Service Pro

Hotel Service Pro concentrates more on hotel maintenance and property management valuation.  This particular software is best at integrating preventive maintenance and keeping communication between the staff on track. Find out more about its features here.


2.  Bigfoot Maintenance Software

Bigfoot Maintenance Software

Bigfoot is compatible with other systems and different platforms. It also supports various browsers and languages.  The system is focused on predictive and anticipatory maintenance.  Training videos and software updates are provided for in their site.  Get your free real time demo and trial here.


3.  MTech


MTech covers all bases from a hotelier’s point of view as it has varied and tailor-made systems to suit each need, especially if you are running a chain of resorts or hotels.

MTech focuses on preventive maintenance via PMWorks which does the tracking and monitoring on the backside.  As far as the front desk goes, TACT immediately responds to any issues that the front end may encounter.  Request your demo now.


4. Keep Me Booked

Keep Me Booked

Keep Me Booked is a web-based solution that caters to small hotels, vacation rentals and the bed & breakfast  industry. This software focuses more on booking and schedule management. Communicate with your booking agent or guests real time anywhere with the help of an iPhone App.  Accounting is also made simpler since the system does it for you with a unitary code.  Get your free trial here.


5. WebRezPro Property Management System

WebRezPro Property Management System

WebRezPro offers a unique package of online bookings incorporated in a global distribution network.  Their accounting system is integral and automated with other systems on the back – end.  It is cloud-based and requires minimal physical maintenance. Digital signatures are also allowed for your convenience. Access its free demo here.


6.  Infor


Infor focuses more on customizable reports and a unique maintenance overview that centers more on customer profiling .  Utilize its other features via a mobile phone.  Contact them now.


7.  Ezee Absolute

Ezee Absolute

Ezee Absolute  is centered on guest relations management and uses a unique online monitoring system. Get its 14-day free Trial here.


8.  Elina


Elina specializes more on Reservations Management, Maintenance and Inventory Management.  Almost everything is fully automated except for the concierge and the front desk.  Book a demo now.


9.  Genkan


Genkan is a synchronized business CRM solution geared for both holiday vacationists and permanent renters, especially if you are into the business of timeshare.  Training is also provided. Click here to book a demo.


10. Hotelogix


Hotelogix is a competitive web – based solution for small and medium sized hotels and resorts that simplifies booking, housekeeping, inventories, accounting, business analysis and internet marketing. Try it for free within 15 days.


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