Media Server Software: Top 10 Programs For Awesome Home Entertainment

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A home entertainment system is never complete without media server software. The program allows you to stream videos, listen to music, and view photos across a network or different computers within your house.

It’s sad to say that there are tons of similar programs today and the number grows each month. That’s why we’ve picked 10 best apps to make your journey easier and hassle-free:


10. Enna Linux Media Center

Enna Linux Media Center

Short for Enna, this program is famous for Linux users. You can use it with Live Linux distribution to test the software without replacing your current operating system. Its overall features are quite basic but it wins for being lightweight with awesome compatibility. It works with older system and PCs with outdated hardware.



9. Moovida


Windows users will love this Plex-like software from its open-sourced community. It comes in 2 interfaces known as Immersed and Core. PC users will find Core as an easy-to-use media program while TV addicts will see Immersed as a perfect choice. Immersed interface also features a marvelous 3D engine.



8. Hulu Desktop

Hulu Desktop

Would you like to remove your TV cable but still want to keep your favorite shows? This software streams the latest shows and films from the popular online video streaming community, Hulu. It’s compatible with both Apple’s and Windows Media Center’s remote controls. You can control it using your mouse and keyboard too.



7. JRiver Media Center

JRiver Media Center

Similar to iTunes and Windows Media Player, the JRiver adopts the jukebox-style of classical players. Nonetheless, it features a customized Theater view for high-definition TV viewing. You can play almost all codecs with this software. The premium version costs about $50 but you can still try its limited version for free.



6. MythTV


MythTV is another media server software developed for Linux. It allows you to record airing shows for future playback. However, the configuration is not beginner-friendly so it takes time to link the TV with your PC. Different editions are available for various Linux distributions.



5. Boxee


This program integrates social networking with media center. You can publish your online content and recommendation through the program. Unfortunately, the desktop application is no longer supported (but still available online) due to hardware breakthrough for Boxee TV and Boxee Box. Still, it’s a program worth trying for your home entertainment system.



4. MediaPortal


MediaPortal includes both TV tuner and media center for an all-in-one entertainment system. It’s an open-sourced application with an interface like that of XBMC. It has the basic features of a personal video recorder (PVR), allowing you to record live TV episodes for playback. It’s only available for Windows platform.



3. Plex


Plex is available for different systems (Mac OS, Windows, and Linux). It has all functions of Plex media server, allowing you to synchronize your entire media library for various devices. It features a stunning interface, perfect for a home theater. You can also view your media files using portable devices like tablets, mobile phones, and laptops.



2. Windows Media Center

Windows Media Center

WMC is perfect for those who want to stream both music and videos using their HTPC (Home Theater PC). Aside from your personal library, you can stream media files directly from the internet. The interface of the software is beginner-friendly and it’s compatible with almost all types of media formats. The skins are too simple but you can change it with stylish plugins available online.





This program comes in different distributions for various OS compatibility. Firstly designed for Xbox console, it developed into an awesome media center program for different media formats. The interface is quite sleek and elegant with no need for further personalization. The configuration is quite advanced so make sure to spend time learning its ropes.


When choosing for media center software, take note of what you need. Every program differs from another and there’s no single software that can give you everything. Consider the devices where you will access your media files. After which, look for the software with higher compatibility and stable synchronization.


If you want to share your views about the media server software we listed above, then feel free to leave your comment below.


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