Top 10 Best Financial Planning Software for Windows

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Need help fixing your budget? Or maybe you just want to keep an eye on your finances?

With the financial crisis unlikely to go away, It would be nice to see at a glance how you’re managing your money by keeping track of your spending habits and accounts. And the only way to do that – to keep them in a place that’s secure and accessible to you – is by using any of these Windows-compatible financial planning software.


1.  GnuCash


Create budgets, import files and generate the reports you need using Gnucash. It also allows you to track bank accounts and works like a checkbook register. Designed for small businesses and personal use, this software is free and available for installation on all platforms – Windows, Mac, Linux and Android.


2.  KMyMoney


Another great software that’s free, KMyMoney is pretty easy to use. If you’re familiar with Quicken and MS Money, you’ll have no trouble using this program. The interface is clean, and after getting through the basic setup, the program allows you to enter transactions in different accounts and categorize them into income and expense. It also allows you to import your existing files but you can also start from scratch.


3.  FinancialFate


FinancialFate advocates do-it-yourself financial planning  and is designed for personal or family use. The software used to carry a $70 price tag, but now it’s free to download. FinancialFate is easy enough to use so you can prepare a realistic financial plan similar to what financial planners prepare for their clients. You can tell at a glance if you’re managing your money well for a comfortable life ahead or if you’re headed for financial trouble.


4.  Money Manager Ex

Money Manager Ex

If your financial planning software needs are simple, then this open source freeware is just what you need. Create transactions, multiple accounts, categories and generate the reports you need, it’s all there. While it may take a little exploration to be familiar with the program, it’s easy to use with tons of help files at hand.


5.  OfficeTime


Designed for personal and small-business use, OfficeTime is easily one of the best financial planning software available in the market today. Keep track of expenses and billable employee work hours using this program, and even generate invoices. Easy to use, quick and very customizable, this software is an SMB’s dream.


6.  Grisbi


Create accounts, categories and reports with this open-source budget program. You can also plan and schedule payments as well as encrypt files. Grisbi has an attractive interface, which is pretty simple and easy to understand. However, because it lacks help and support features, it could take a while to learn.


7.  YNAB


YNAB stand for You Need A Budget, and you know you do. This downloadable software will guide you through the process of making a budget, with explanations on why budgeting is important along the way. You can download a trial version but ultimately, the full version costs $60. Besides running your finances offline, you can also sync your mobile device to access the budget you set up.


8.  AceMoney Lite

AceMoney Lite

AceMoney Lite is designed for personal home use, which is why only two accounts can be created within the program. Keep track of your expenses, manage budgets, analyze your spending habits, do account transfers and online banking with this useful tool. You can also set a password for security purposes. The software is free to download.


9.  HomeBank


This financial planning software is teeming with features compared to simpler programs. You can keep track of your income, expenses, assets and budgets. You can also import files, keep track of automated transactions and generate reports. This free downloadable software has a clean interface and is easy to use.


10.   Metalogic Finance Explorer

Metalogic Finance Explorer

This free budget program not only gives the usual features of a financial planning software, but it also allows you to automatically upload financial data from banks and import them from all sources and formats. The program is straightforward and easy to use but has a limited help file. You’ll have to play around with the program to learn how to use all features.


Secured by McAfee, TRUSTe and Verisign, these programs are pretty secure, operating in 128-bit bank-level and 256-bit military-level security encryption. It is recommended that you set a strong password and some programs may even let you set an additional PIN for better security for your peace of mind.

Take your pick from any of these great financial planning software and be on the right track in managing your finances.


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