Top 10 Best Free CRM Software That Boost Small Business Efficiency


Customer relations is a significant part of business if you want to gain more clients, reclaim lost ones and maintain those you already have. A free crm software is going to be instrumental for your purpose, so make sure to choose the right one.


10. Apptivo


Apptivo is the complete business solution. It is a free web-based crm software that will help you manage contacts, projects, timesheets, suppliers, invoices and leads so that you can grow your business. The Free Edition is open for unlimited users, has 500MB of storage and comes with reliable online support.



9. Artfully


If your business is art-based and you have CRM needs for your company, Artfully is the free crm software that is designed for you. It is a perfect crm that does not function much like the normal CRM does, but when your art customers are looking to receive something more specific from you such as ticketing, receiving charity donations and so forth, this is the system you need.



8. Capsule


With this cloud-based CRM, you can enjoy a contact page that features all client details. It also helps you manage your sales pipeline and groups your clients conveniently. Customize your capsule so that it fits perfectly with your needs or enjoy the available add-ons for your purpose. Capsule’s Free Edition is good for 2 users, 250 contacts and 10MB storage. Get it now and use it for an unlimited number of cases and opportunities.



7. Fat Free CRM

Fat Free CRM

Fat Free CRM It is an open source free crm software that is elegant but simple and highly customizable. It is perfect for lead management, group collaboration, opportunity tracking and storing contacts so they are easily accessed.



6. FileMaker


This system is an all-in-one free crm software that supports account, contact, project, notes, time sheets, document and expense management. It is even useful for email campaigns and invoicing. It is supported by single use on iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch; and has multi-user functions that are accessible via Windows and Mac computers.



5. Free CRM

Free CRM

Free CRM is the convenient system that supplies users with expert support, marketing automation, opportunity and deal tracking and contact management services. This completely free crm software is good for 5 users, 5000 contacts and 500 minutes of voice CRM. It is a system that may be enjoyed by different users and is fully-loaded by everything you need.



4. Insightly


When you choose Insightly, you get a free crm software and an integrated project management software in one. Use it for scheduling events, creating notes, sending mass emails, linking relationships, creating tasks, milestones, email reminders and more.  Enjoy the Free Edition which is good for 3 users and provides up to 200MB storage, so that you can manage as much as 2,500 business contacts.



3. Really Simple Systems

Really Simple Systems

If you want a straightforward system, you should choose Really Simple Systems. The Free Edition gives access to 2 users and allows you to manage up to 100 accounts. This is ideal for small or start up businesses. It gives you 100mb storage, mobile access, mail sync functions, downloadable backup, accounting integrations and more. Take a tour now or download the system for free and give your clients the type of service they deserve.



2. VirtualOffice


Whatever it is that you need in a free crm software, you can find with VirtualOffice. It has features that enable sales force automation, marketing automation, web forms, customer support and service, inventory management, crm analytics and workflow management. Use the web-based system which is free for up to 3 users.





With ZOHO on your side, you will get the chance to focus on selling and seeing your business grow, while leaving all the dirty work on a free crm software.


It has an amazing tracking system that you can use to connect to clients; and a sophisticated notes section that allows you to get a hold of pertinent client information while taking calls. Get the Free Edition and feast on the amazing features that include mobile access, web forms, social CRM, leads managements and sales opportunities for as much as 5000 records.


As a business owner, it is important for you to realize that clients always choose a company that not only gives them what they need, but also knows exactly what they need, before they realize it.


With the help of a free crm software, you can deliver exemplary customer service and keep the clients happy.


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