Work Order Software: 10 User-Friendly Tools For The Service Industry

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Work order and workforce management can be a daunting task without the help of work order software. These are applications that help service providers and maintenance managers to create, manage and monitor their work progress.

Numerous software applications are created for the purpose of work order management. To narrow down your options, you may want to consider our top 10 work order software:




As a full-featured work order software product, MAPCON CMMS offers many useful features for facility managers. It is customizable to suit your needs and has an intuitive and user-friendly interface which is ideal for effective company-wide maintenance management. This application software is scalable, works at a faster speed, and also supports smartphones. You could try this software for free or subscribe monthly for $30.


9. APEXWare Field Service

APEXWare Field Service

Another software application that is applicable for managing field teams in the APEXWare Field Service. This software has functionalities for providing data about proof of service as well as support for wireless field code scanners for paperless business management. It promises to help lessen lost revenues and inventory shrinkage. It can also help you discover new opportunities for revenues with its detailed work order history. Since it is web-based, it also eliminates the need for a back office system.


8. ServMan Enterprise Software

ServMan Enterprise Software

If you like to be in full command of your service enterprise, you may find ServMan Enterprise Software useful for you. It is a full-featured management and service accounting software that is designed for the service industry including plumbing, HVAC and route-based, commercial, industrial and technical companies among others.

Basic features of ServMan Enterprise Software include mobile order management, Web and GPS interface and auto scheduling. This premium application can be also customized to be more suitable for your needs.


7. Apptricity


Apptricity is a work order software application designed to help you establish a comprehensive control and oversight of your work order process. It generally works by helping you track all the requested services in your company. You could use it from service request creation and assignment to prioritizing work orders based on specific instructions. This premium application software can also be helpful to keep personnel more organized and the management well-informed of the status of work orders.


6. OneFacility Work Order

OneFacility Work Order

OnlineFacility Work Order is a web-based application with features for centralized documentation and work order management. It has a single dashboard interface where information will be inputted. You could set up user profiles to define roles such as vendor, dispatcher or assigner. Work assignment can be dispatched manually through a wireless device or email. It can also conduct an audit of your work orders. This application is useful for fully automating your workflow process.


5. FieldConnect


One of the effective software for field team workforce management is FieldConnect. Its long list of applications includes work order scheduling, work request management, preventive maintenance management, cost tracking, contract management, and real-time reporting. This premium software also has an intuitive dashboard for easy management of any organization with field workers.


4. Maxpanda Work Order Management

Maxpanda Work Order Management

Maxpanda is a software application that allows you to track space work orders or control assets in real-time. This is possible with its numerous functionalities for asset management, work order projects, requests monitoring, preventive and scheduled maintenance management, triggers and metering management, and supply chain and inventory management. This software has also a special feature that lets you attach images to work orders so you could easily track them visually.

Overall, it is a fully responsive and easy-to-use product with numerous usable features. You could install and use this software for free for up to 30 days.


3. EService


EService is a wireless web-based work order software application that is ideal for field service workers. Its primary function is to manage the assignment and progress of work orders. You could use this product to schedule and instantly dispatch work orders from your control panel to cellular phones. Its basic features include functionalities for invoicing, mapping, time tracking and reporting. These services cost $29.99 per month for each field worker.


2. BizInABlink Service Company Software

 BizInABlink Service Company Software

BizInABlink Service Company Software is a useful web-based tool for effective management of service providers. Its work order management functionality allows you to make and manage work orders and then print or email them. It has also an application for detailed work order scheduling and assignment. Another good feature of this application software is it can generate daily reports on the progress of your work orders.




The user-friendly and intuitive interface of COGZ CMMS encourages easy and effective work order management. It integrates purchase order management, inventory control, work orders for preventive maintenance and work orders scheduling in one software application. What is most attractive about its features is it is designed for minimal operator input with most tasks automated.

With our top 10 list of work order software as mentioned above, work order management should no longer be a difficult task. Be sure to leave some feedback on which software product you think is most effective for you.


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