Top 10 Cloud-based Expense Tracking Software That Do Not Cost So Much


When running a business, it does not matter what size it is. What is crucial is the tracking of business expense. That is why an expense tracking software is an indispensable tool. Keeping track of your business expense is a tedious thing to do. It could take too much out of your already busy schedule of growing your business. Even if you are not a business owner, sometimes you need help in keeping track of money you owed, loans, and money owed to you.

Rather than investing in a standalone expense-tracking program, take advantage of different cloud-based expense trackers that do not cost as much. If your need is simpler there are also some that are free. Below are ten cloud-based applications that are worth considering so you can keep track of your expenses.

10. Invoicera10Invoicera

Invoicera is a popular choice among small business owners. It offers the facility to create customized invoices to help your corporate identity. The program offers three types of subscription rates for the business startup with about five staff and 100 clients to a business concern that is larger. Estimates and invoices are sent as PDF files, and you have access to more than 20 payment gateways, multi-language and multi-currency support, invoice scheduling and reports.

9. BillMonk9BillMonk

This is a free service, with the objective of tracking shared expenses among single colleagues, such as work buddies, roommates, and friends. It is a simple accounting service of splitting payments. Users send the expenses to be shared to their BillMonk account via text messages. After logging to the account, the payment split is finalized and everyone in the circle is informed of who owes how much to whom.

8. ExpenseWatch8ExpenseWatch

ExpenseWatch provides different modules for that can be customized to fit the type of business you have. You could subscribe either to an expense report module or to a purchasing module. There are also modules for accounts payable and others finance related modules. This helps to effectively control business spending and automate your business services.

7. ExpenseCloud7ExpenseCloud

This is another expense management program, designed for individuals as well as large enterprises. It is capable of managing the whole process of expense management online. ExpenseCloud can track expenses and mileage from mobile devices as well as personal computers. Receipts can be scanned. The application provides a free account to individual users while a company with 10 users can subscribe to a plan that cost $90 per month.

6. Billster6Billster

If you want to systematize your personal and shared expenses, you might want to try Billster. This is a totally free web-based application and ideal for individuals and those who share expenses with a group. It makes a record and a report of your personal and group expenses, sends you a summary of the expenses you have sent to Billster to manage and will even send reminders within your circle to remind them of money they owe you.

5. BudgetTracker5BudgetTracker

BudgetTracker is an online money management tool. It is designed so you can track your bank accounts and other financial transactions in one place. You can keep track of your finances, income and expenses from your computer, your iPad or your smartphone. It provides members with reminders when bills are due by phone or email. With its calendar format, it is very easy to understand and keep track of your income and expenses. A free account with limited features is available but if you want the full service, you can choose the standard subscription that costs only $3.95 per month.

4. MoneyTrackin’4MoneyTrackin’

Moneytrackin’ is a free online application. It allows you to track how you spend your money, track your shared expenses and even manage the finances of a small business. You will have a general idea of your financial status whether as an individual or someone who is managing a business with this application. It allows you to create multiple accounts in different currencies, tag your income and expense transactions, and transfer funds between accounts and set monthly limits.

3. Freshbooks3Freshbooks

Freshbooks is an invoicing service, and considered one of the best cloud-based accounting applications today. It offers a free 30-day trial after you have signed up for an account. It is an easy to and every efficient application, considering that it has 15 million users to date. The program is accessible in almost all platforms – desktop computers, smartphones, tablets and laptops. Customer support is always available and all data are encrypted. Timesheets are well managed and addition of new team members is quick and easy. Freshbooks provide online invoicing, expense tracking, time tracking as well as taxes and reports. A business with 25 clients can sign up for a plan that costs $19.95 a month.

2. LessAccounting2LessAccounting

LessAccounting is a powerful web-based application with a complete set of tools an accountant needs. It even has features necessary to help a business owner run his business.

There are five options open to members who want to use the service. A free account with limited features is available, which is good for moonlighters and freelancers who are likely to create no more than five invoices in a month. LessAccounting also offers automatic bank account updating and mileage logging. Pricing starts at $30 a month.

1. MoneyStrands1MoneyStrands

This is an easy to use online money management program where you can put in all your data from different financial accounts in one place, whether it is a credit card account, a loan or a bank account. Numerous widgets within the application give you the flexibility to create a financial dashboard based on your own preferences. You can also avail of its numerous features for budgeting, visualization, reporting and peer comparison as well as alerts.

There you have it. These are some of the best cloud-based expense tracking software that have benefitted thousands of users. Be smart and make your life easier by using any of this software so you can keep track of your expense, incomes and all your financial transactions easily, efficiently and securely.


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  1. Kevin Peter

    May 11, 2015 11:46 am

    We did maverick spending early last year and reimbursement process was too slow. Manual process is stopped. These tools are not just for reimbursing an employee for travel and expense but on broader sense has helped companies control their spending and improve accounts payable flow.


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