Top 10 Beginner Video DJ Software that are Good Enough for Professionals

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Seamless track mixing. That is one of the most important things a club DJ has to do. Years back DJs used their experience and skills to create mixes and they receive quite a following due to their expertise. Now, there are video DJ software to make the task faster and easier. But still, it depends on the capability of the software as well as the creativity of the mixer to come up with the best sounds.

Because these programs can be loaded on personal computers, it make is easy for a DJ to be creative with his club mixes while on the road. Compared to the old days when DJs have to cart piles of vinyl records just to be able to provide unique and great sound mixes, now, a DJ only has to have a laptop and the right software to do the same thing. Therefore, to easily find out which software will be the most effective for your video DJ mixing needs, here are 10 of the top rated applications in the market.

10. MixMeister10MixMeister

MiMeister is basically designed for the beginner since this is a simple program that will leave professional DJs wanting for more. It supports several file formats and can mix tunes up to four stereo tracks. Its editing features are enough to teach budding DJs to create professional quality outputs.

9. Digital DJ9Digital DJ

DigitalDJ has some unique features such as its capability to create mixes from music direct from iTunes. AutoMix is also one of its unique features. While more suited for beginners, this program is still packed with professional features to make audio and video mixing easier. Its Mufin technology is a bonus. This takes care of analyzing your library to find similar songs.

8. VirtualDJ8VirtualDJ

Virtual DJ is designed with the amateur user in mind. However, it still takes advantage of the emerging technologies that are available. It is capable of developing loops automatically, add effects and samples to live tracks easily and can be programmed to use an external mixer for audio. The interface is clean and simple, and suitable for a DJ who is more comfortable using a mouse as well as a keyboard.

7. DJ Mixer Pro7DJ Mixer Pro

This program has been created by computer programmers who are also DJs, which is why DJ Mixer Pro is a program that is very useful for audio and video DJs. It is a good starter program for those who are still in their first stages of learning how to mix audio and video. Yet the program is robust enough to satisfy the needs of more advanced users. It is compatible with Windows 7 and Mac OS (Snow Leopard). It is easy to learn the controls for this software and the high performance features allows the user to create professional quality output.

6. Gemini Groove6Gemini Groove

Gemini Groove has a clean interface that is very well suited to an amateur video DJ who is just starting to learn the ropes. It is perfect for amateurs as well as professionals. It could be used in entertainment centers, bars and clubs, dance schools and radio stations. The program has plenty of performance features, supports many file formats, and can do reverse audio playback, calculate beats per minute automatically, simulate vinyl scratching and has phaser, flanger, delay and reverb effects.

5. ProDJ 55ProDJ 5

While this program had done many upgrades, it might be a bit confusing for an amateur video DJ to use. The most prominent features of ProDJ are the mixing tools, which are considered by satisfied users to be progressive and innovative in its design and scope. You can do mix and remix easily and it gives you the freedom to create original sound effects. With its Perfect Sync feature, beat matching is done automatically. It is also capable of interacting with different MIDI controllers.

4. MixVibes CROSS DJ4MixVibes CROSS DJ

Mix Vibes CROSS DJ is a good software for professionals and amateurs. Its first version was released in 2003. It was quite revolutionary system because it allowed the DJs to add scratch and mix digital files with CDs and vinyl records. Newer technologies and enhancements make this a cutting-edge video DJ software for all demanding users. It works on different platforms.

3. Pioneer SVJ-DL013Pioneer SVJ-DL01

This program is backed by the brand, Pioneer. SVJ-DL01 is a professional quality DJ mixing program with simplified features that enables even amateurs to perform like professionals. This program provides a user-friendly interface and functionalities that are similar to the professional version of the product. The only difference is that this program is launched from a computer. It has audio decks and mixers and is capable of synchronization with beat and beat per minute features. It includes several audio effects, fader, channel and utility for cross fader start for 2-player playback and so much more. It has the capability to rip songs from different sources and convert them to MP3 format.

2. PCDJ Red Mobile2PCDJ Red Mobile

PCDJ Red Mobile is a professional video DJ program that has loads of features that a mobile video DJ can wish for. It has a comprehensive list of compatible file formats, and contains most of the elements and features that fit the needs of the most demanding of DJs. It is easy to understand, the interface is user-friendly and the navigation is very simple, which is more evident when that user is working with the mouse and keyboard to manage the controls. The program supports a host of external hardware and has additional handy features such as spectrum analyzer, limiter to prevent clipping and stereo VU meter. Its track library is packed with a wide range of performance effects.

1. Zulu1Zulu

A user might get confused when working with Zulu, not because the interface is not user-friendly but because of the numerous features of this software. Zulu is almost incomparable with the number of features it contains, something that only programs designed for professionals normally have. It is capable of cross fading between tracks, has automatic beat detection, tempo control, real-time pitch and it is possible to preview tracks using headphones. The ability to drag-and-drop allows the user to move music anywhere inside the program and preview it before playing. And it also supports all current audio track file formats. It is a program that allows a user to do almost anything a video DJ wants to do and more.

Whether you are just a regular music lover who wants to experiment with different sounds to create something more personal and exclusive or a professional video DJ who has to come up with innovative video mixes all the time, you can make a choice from the list of video DJ software here. These are good for amateur and professional users.


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