Top 10 Portfolio Management Software for Financial Advisors

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In this era where technology has vital roles in every aspect of businesses, choosing the right investment portfolio management software is crucial. As a financial advisor, it is your job to provide proper portfolio and asset management to your clients. Here are the top 10 portfolio management software that will make your tasks so much easier:


10. Advent Office ™ Essentials by Advent Software Inc.

Advent Office ™ Essentials by Advent Software Inc.

If you are managing a small to medium-sized investment worth less than $100 million, Advent Office ™ Essentials is the perfect portfolio management software that will do the hard work for you. This package contains portfolio reporting and accounting system that can help you deliver top-quality service to your clients. Pricing is available once you contact Advent Software Inc.


9. Captools/net by Captools Co.


For the price of $100 up to $6,000, you can have this Captools/net asset management software from Captools Co. Designed for financial advisors, this software is one of the most reliable system in terms of investment tracking and client reporting. With its powerful data interfaces, acquisition of your clients’ data is simplified.


8. Croesus Finansoft by Croesus

Croesus Finansoft by Croesus

If you are a financial advisor who is always on the go, having this Croesus Finansoft portfolio management software is really important. It is a web-based CRM and portfolio manager that can also be downloaded in your mobile phone. Pricing is available upon inquiry.


7. FinFolio WorkStation by FinFolio

FinFolio WorkStation by FinFolio

With this WorkStation portfolio management software from FinFolio, you can expect that you can manage all asset reporting, billing and trading of your clients with ease. This software is powerful enough to provide your clients with high-end portfolio management services. Pricing and download information is available upon inquiry.


6. Asset Allocation Analyst ™ by EquiSoft

Asset Allocation Analyst ™ by EquiSoft

Asset Allocation Analyst ™ is a web-based software that can help financial advisors to create customized investment proposals for their clients. This software features a simple process of portfolio construction as well as back office data integration and import. Pricing for this software is available upon request.


5. Atom Align by Blaze Portfolio Systems

Atom Align by Blaze Portfolio Systems

Blaze Portfolio Systems is proud to present its Atom Align web-based portfolio management software to all investment firms around the world. This software is designed for advanced approach to portfolio management, thanks to its unique modeling process in portfolio and asset management. To learn more about it’s pricing and features, request a demo now.


4. dbCAMS+ by Financial Computer Support Inc.

dbCAMS+ by Financial Computer Support Inc

Featuring extensive data sharing and integration solution, dbCAMS+ is versatile in providing your portfolio management needs. This portfolio management software has all the reporting tools and management interface you need so you can provide world-class service to your clients. Contact Financial Computer Support Inc. For more information about pricing and download.


3. DST Vision by DST Systems Inc.

DST Vision by DST Systems Inc

Available in the market since 1998, DST Vision portfolio management software has been providing high quality portfolio and asset management system to independent financial advisors for years. Financial advisors can easily access various account management tools such as report trackers, portfolio customizer, and statement processor. To learn more about download process and pricing, contact DST Systems Inc. now.


2. Fund Manager by Beiley Software

Fund Manager by Beiley Software

If you need a software that can track mutual funds, stocks and bonds of you clients, Fund Manager is the one you are looking for. Perfect for tracking different transactions like redemptions, mergers, distributions and purchases, this portfolio manager can be downloaded for free and the license can be bought from $89 up to $1,395 depending on your choice.


1. iBalance™ by softTarget Inc.

iBalance™ by softTarget Inc

If you want a portfolio manager that integrates portfolio rebalancing, work reporting and portfolio modeling, then iBalance™ by softTarget Inc. is the one you are looking for. Using this software can simplify your complex tasks in portfolio management in a way that it increases the efficiency of your workflow and reduce any extra costs on your end. Request a brochure now to learn more about pricing.


These are just some of the best software that every efficient financial advisor can try. But remember, the secret to becoming a successful financial advisor is not all about the portfolio management software that you use. It is also about the motivation and determination you have to succeed in this field.


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